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It almost seems unfair for me to write the informative post about Virginia Soaps & Scents because I already know that I am biased!  I am the lucky person who got to review the products from Virginia Soaps & Scents for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine last fall.  I admit, in that review, that I started out skeptical; but I came out a die-hard fan of handmade soaps and other products – especially those made by Virginia Soaps & Scents.  Needless to say, I was thrilled to find out that they would be teaming up with the Crew this year to help introduce the world to their products.

So, what will the Crew be reviewing?  A nice assortment of “pamper yourself” goodies:

Handcrafted Olive Oil Soaps – these soaps are “real” soap, not detergent (like many of the soap products that you buy in the store).  They are avaiable in 20+ fragrances (as well as in fragrance-free).  The soaps are a 4.75 oz. bar (except for the adorable Bed & Breakfast Samplers that the Crew received, which are also available to purchase); they can be purchased individually or in bulk.  They are long-lasting and produce a nice lather.

Shampoo Bar
– these bars are available in 5.5 oz. size, in 2 varieties – original and the new formula for fine or oily hair.  One bar will easily get you the same amount of washings as a 32 oz. bottle of your regular shampoo.  It’s a different feeling and takes some getting used to, but these bars are pretty neat!  They are available in 4 fragrances.

Laundry Soap Kit
– have you ever thought about making your own laundry soap?  If you’ve been thinking about, but haven’t taken the plunge yet because maybe you’re scared or unsure, then this kit is just what you need.  Everything is included to make a batch of laundry soap that will last awhile and save you lots of money.  Trust me, you’ll be hooked (I’ve been making my own since writing my review last year).

Virginia Soaps & Scents
has lots of other great products that you’ll want to check out – gourmet soaps, shaving soaps, total body bars, lotions, scrubs, and powder, lip balm, and lavender linen spray.  And, just in time for your Christmas shopping,their holiday fragrances are back (warning: the pumpkin spice scent tastes good enough to eat!)

Here’s what the Crew thinks:

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  1. Yes, we too enjoyed this and shall become long term customers. In fact, our daughter has bookmarked it for her future home!

    Becky@There Is Hope Blog

  2. We absolutely love their products. We plan on purchasing some of it for our family as well as giving some of it away for Christmas presents.


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