Using World Book in your Homeschool

We have been homeschooling for 6 years now! Where in the world has that time gone? I really don’t know! One thing I do know, is that I have been using for the entire six years. This is a fabulous resource that has been my saving grace many times.

The first thing I spent money on when I decided to homeschool was a membership to This was perfect for our growing family! One price for the whole family, there was nothing to argue about that. But, a lot has changed in the last six years!

The one thing that did not change, the one price for the whole family! This is my favorite part of I have four kids homeschooling this year from senior in high school, down to preschool. Finding something that works for all of them without breaking the budget is a huge thing for me.

What has changed are all the things that have been added! There are currently over 425 courses for PreK up to 12th grade and resources for mom and dad also! This is a great change! is always looking at making things better for us as homeschoolers. We also have access to World Book Online, this alone is a $250 annual subscription! And, is adding new interactive content for your students!

As much as I love the new interactive content, I really want to spend some time talking to you about how we are using the World Book Online in our homeschool. This is a resource that can be used in any and all courses, whether they are on or not.

World Book Online is broken down into different age groups. This means that I can let Little Miss and Baby Girl loose on there and not worry about them finding something they would not be able to read or understand. Ray Ray can hop on and dig deeper into the areas of learning that he is interested in, but we are not currently focusing on in school and Moe Man can dig into researching things that he needs to write about for his courses.

Did you read that? 4 kids, ages 18 down to 4 can all enjoy World Book Online through and they can access the right age bracket for their learning skills. How wonderful is that? I say it is beyond wonderful!

The girls feel like they are playing on the computer when they get their turn on World Book Online, and the boys love having a way to learn more about what they want. Both of these is a win for me. I am fine letting the girls “play” while learning and allowing the boys to follow up on the rabbit trails they have found that they want to learn more about.

Finding a resource like has been a blessing! I love knowing that I can access all these courses for my kids at a moments notice takes stress off of me, which is huge! Knowing that SchoolhouseTeachers also offer a great resource like World Book Online gives us so many more options. I am always thrilled when the kids want to get on the computer to do something that is learning based, and that is exactly what and World Book Online gives me!

If you haven’t checked out the wonderful options that offers, you need to do that now! Be sure to check out the Homeschool Review Crew – Reviews on where you will find a Discount Coupon Code for our our readers.

~Amanda Hopkins is a wife to Chad and mom to four. When she isn’t buried under the snow of Minnesota, she loves to be outside watching the kids learn while they play.

You can find her at Hopkins Homeschool.

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