U.S. Elections History Lap-Pak Review

Are your children eagerly awaiting the election of the next President of the United States? Would you like an in-depth hands on resource for teaching the intricate elections process? HISTORY Through the Ages Hands-on History Lap-Pack: U.S. Elections from Home School in the Woods is a great resource for homeschool families.

The Lap-Pack Activities Include:

The U.S. Elections Lap-Pak is available as a CD or a Download and will guide you through 21 lap booking projects which incorporate activities such as coloring, drawing, research, creative writing and more!

*Definitions of Key Terms

*Exploring Different Forms of Government|

*The Three Branches of US Government

*How the Voting Process Works

*Presidential Campaigns

*The Electoral College

*Inauguration Day

*And More!

Complete directions, including photos, are provided to walk you and your student through completing all lap book components and assembling them into a cohesive final product. Each of the lessons and projects will reinforce the lessons learned alongside new concepts and information about the U.S. Elections  process.

The reading text can be printed either full size on 11.5 by 8 inch paper to be put in a binder or half size to create a small book. Each of the 21 lap book elements has a complimentary section in the reading text. The text is also available on the audio track, allowing your student to read along with the narrator.

In addition to the provided reading text, there is a list of suggested additional reading and resources to help students who want to continue learning about U.S. Elections and U.S. Government.

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A big thank you to Becky Marie of For This Season for writing this introductory article.

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