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TruthQuest History is a homeschool curriculum product that I have heard about many times but never had a chance to see until serving on the Crew this year.  I was excited to see this one, as I’m a huge history lover. I have really enjoyed teaching history since we’ve started homeschooling – history has just come to life in our home, and I’m excited about the great products that are available to us as homeschoolers.

TruthQuest is one such vendor. Their website explains it best: “TruthQuest History is a deep and rich literature-based history study…but with a difference. You will not learn the story of mankind; you will learn the lovestory of mankind. You will not focus on the rise and fall of human civilizations; you will focus on the arrow-straight line of God’s unchanging existence, power, love, truth, and plan for civilization. You will not simply ‘meet the culture’ or ‘get the facts;’ you will probe the truths of history so deeply that your students will be equipped to change their world! Why? Because mankind is not the prime force in the universe …God is. He initiates; we respond. History, therefore, is not first about what people do. It is first about what God does and says, and secondly about what people believe and do in response.” This is the basis of TruthQuest.

Our Crew members were each allowed to select which level and volume they were interested in receiving to review.  Here are the various levels/volumes available from TruthQuest:

Level 1 (best for grades 1-5) – American History
Vol. I ~ Exploration – 1800
Vol. II ~ 1800-1865
Vol. III ~ 1865-2000

Level 2 (designed for grades 5-12)
American Egypt/Ancient Greece
Ancient Rome
Middle Ages
Renaissance Reformation Exploration
Age of Revolution I
Age of Revolution II
Age of Revolution III

Here is what the Crew has to say:

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  1. TruthQuest will take parents and kids on a journey of thought and discussion and although not designed for the faint of heart, a journey well worth its challenge.


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