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The Reading Kingdom offers kids a fun and interactive program where they will learn letter sounds, reading, spelling, and even basic typing. With a friendly owl for a guide and a host of other lively characters, kids are quickly drawn into the colorful world and fun sound effects. Lessons are geared toward ages 4 to 10, and the program automatically adapts to each child. Depending on a child’s individual abilities, he may need to start with keyboard and mouse training lessons or may be able to move directly into the first Skills Survey.

The keyboard and mouse training teaches a young child how to maneuver the mouse and how to locate different keys on the keyboard. Once this is complete, the Introduction to Reading & Writing section includes Seeing Sequences and Letter Land, both of which are designed to teach letter recognition on the screen and on the keyboard. Reading Kingdom constantly monitors a child’s right and wrong responses along with his speed to determine how much more practice is needed.

The Reading & Writing portion of the program contains five levels. In each level, the child will learn to recognize, read, and type (spell) numerous words. The words in level one are very simple and become more complex with each subsequent lesson. The words learned are used in books that the child can read and comprehend during the lessons, and each level contains six new books to read. That means a child will have read 36 new books by the time he finishes Reading Kingdom!

Created by literacy expert Dr. Marion Blank, the Reading Kingdom complements other phonics or reading comprehension programs that a child is using. Children are encouraged to do Reading Kingdom lessons four or five days each week, and most of the lessons take about 10 to 20 minutes to complete. The length of time it takes to complete the entire Reading Kingdom program depends on a child’s personal progress and how often he does the lessons. It’s estimated that each level in the Reading & Writing portion will take 10 to 15 weeks, which means that the whole program may take about a year and a half.

Once a child successfully completes the Reading Kingdom, he’ll be reading and spelling on a third grade level. Parents can access a Reader Report to track the child’s progress throughout the program. Simple icons indicate whether a particular lesson has been completed, is in progress, or hasn’t yet been started. By clicking on a lesson title, parents can see details as well as learn whether a child’s performance on that lesson is excellent, very good, good, or needs attention. Multiple students can be tracked on a single parent account, which makes it easy if a family has more than one early or struggling reader.

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