Play to win the most powerful job in the world! (The Presidential Game Review)

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Many homeschool families love to have fun and play games as they learn. The Presidential Game is designed to for both. Teach your children the ins and outs of politics as you race to be declared President. Played in teams of Democrats and Republicans, players have to decide whether to campaign or go fundraising. As each state is visited candidates have a chance to earn votes or money for their campaign. Red and blue dots keep track of which states have been won by each party.

Aimed at ages 11 and up, The Presidential Game is suitable for kids and adults. When you buy the game you are also given a special code that gives you access to an interactive webmap. Use the map to enter the results as each state votes. This creates a map display with red and blue states that you can monitor as the game is played, just like the ones many news organizations use to report election results. Directions for how to use the map come with the game and are available on the company’s website.

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As competition heats up, teams have to strategize which states to focus their efforts on, just like in a real campaign. The  team to earn the necessary 270 or more electoral votes is declared the winner.

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Enjoy the thrill of playing to the win the most powerful job in the world!

The Presidential can be purchased from the website for $35, plus shipping.

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A big thank you to Brandy of Kingdom Academy Homeschool for writing this introductory post.

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