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Marcy C. @ Ben and MeFrugal Family Spring Unit Studies

Two things I love most in homeschooling — unit studies and free. Add gorgeous spring weather to the mix, and I just couldn’t be happier.


Leah C. @ As We Walk Along the RoadThe Frugal Homeschool

I will admit that I don’t always take the cheapest route when it comes to buying curricula. But sometimes I can make up for it by saving money elsewhere. So, here are some ways to save (especially if you’ve gone a little over budget with curricula!).


Rebekah T. @ There Will Be a $5 Charge for WhiningThrift Store Homeschooling

As Frugal Mamas, we all know the benefits of shopping for clothing and books at Thrift Stores. But how can the Thrift Store help us in our Homeschooling? I am going to give you my very favorites ideas for how to take Thrift Store Finds and use them in creative ways for a Homeschool.


Kym T. @ Homeschool Coffee BreakMaking Homeschooling More Affordable

One of my favorite words to describe homeschool curricula or resources is: Non-Consumable. That means I can use it for more than one kid, for more than one school year, and when we do finish with it I can pass it along to someone else.


Sarah J. @ Delivering GraceKeeping the Cost of Living Down

Most home educating families are also single income families. The greatest cost is often the loss of income rather than home educating materials.


Kim M. @ Homestead AcresHomeschooling Without Breaking the Bank

One of the lessons I’ve learned is it’s not always the curriculum you buy but HOW you use it that is important. Constantly switching curriculum’s to find just the right one isn’t always the answer, try changing how your using it. Don’t be afraid to take control of your curriculum instead of it controlling you!


Jenny M. @ Good Work AcademyThings to Learn About — May Edition

Lots of fun & interesting things to learn about in May . . .


Brittney R. @ Mom’s HeartI Don’t Budget for My Homeschool

I have a confession. I don’t budget for my homeschool purchases. Yeah, I know. I bet you don’t hear that from many homeschoolers, do you?


Brandy B. @ Kingdom AcademyTips for Frugal Homeschooling

In today’s economic times, money is tight for almost everyone. Homeschooling moms and dads need to be creative in finding ways to save pennies while still offering their children a quality education.


Heather A. @ Only Passionate CuriosityHow to Homeschool Art Without Breaking the Bank

You don’t need a pricy curriculum to teach art in your Homeschool. Let me show you how to create an art lesson easily and inexpensively!


Laura L. @ Loving and Learning on the High PlainsHomeschooling Cheap

Homeschooling is something we feel that God has called us to do, but it does mean that we have to make it go on one income while I teach the children. As a result, our educational dollars have to stretch! Here are a few of the ways we have done that. I pray this would be encouragement to anyone who is planning to homeschool: that this is not about the money, but the effort!


Maureen B. @ Adoptive Mom Homeschooling and Only ChildHomeschool for Free? It’s possible, come and see.

Homeschooling from your bookshelves? It’s possible come and see.


Nikki F. @ Blessings from HomeschoolingPinching Pennies

Over the years I have become more and more resourceful! Looking back I laugh at myself and cry over the amount of money I have thrown away. In my defense I can only say that I didn’t know!!!


Kemi Q. @ Homeschooling Organized BlogMy Mother’s Goldmine

My mother, being a retired school teacher, has always collected educational material and for very cheap!


Kristi K. @ The Potter’s Hand AcademyThe Rise of El Cheapo

Whoever told me that homeschooling was cheaper than private school–LIED. OK, maybe in the long run it’s cheaper, but really, I spend a LOT on my kids’ curriculum each year. So, to save our retirement funds, I’ve come up with some ways to take the bite out of the budget, so to speak.


Meg F. @ Adventures with JudeWhen the library isn’t practical . . . 

Exploring the value of e-books when going to the library isn’t an option.


Kayla @ The Arrowood ZooIdeas to Save Money

Over the 7 years I have homeschooled I have learned a lot about saving money. I want to share several with you. Hopefully it will give you some ideas.


Angie M. @ H.O.P.E. Homeschool Consulting BlogWays to Save Money Before You Buy Homeschool Curriculum

Homeschooling your children does not require purchasing hundreds of dollars worth of school materials. There are ways to save money before you buy homeschool curriculum.


Erin S. @ For Him and My FamilyHow “F” Stands for Frugal and not Failure in Our School

Receiving a grade of F is not a bad thing in our school but stands for Frugal or frugality. With 8 soon to be 9 kids we make it a game to find ways to be frugal in our school, read on for a few of our tricks!


Crystal H. @ Crystal Starr Blog6 Tips and LOTS of Resources for Frugal Homeschooling

I have to tell you, if I wanted to we could actually spend absolutely nothing on homeschooling. Zero, zip, zilch, nadda. Here the six things you have to remember… COMBINE, REUSE, SELL IT OFF, USE THE LIBRARY, BUY USED and ONLINE FREEBIES!


Kerry H. @ Old Fashioned GirlsHomemade and Frugal Foodie

So, I decided to share a day at the table in our home!  These recipes are quick and easy…you could say “Homemade Fast Food!”


Lexi @ Lextin AcademyFrugal with My Time 

So, when I think of frugal homeschooling resources, I don’t think about finding the least expensive resources – I’d rather be frugal with my time than with my pocket book. My time with my family is most valuable to me.


Dawn W. @ Guiding Light HomeschoolHomeschooling on a Budget

Don’t worry – this is NOT about budgeting! It is about the little things we do to survive!
Sara P. @ Embracy DestinyHomeschooling on a Shoestring Budget
Frugal might be a popular buzzword right now, but for our single-income homeschooling household it’s a necessity. When we first began homeschooling, the high prices I saw in the curriculum catalogs scared me. Over the years I’ve learned how to get the resources we need for free or low cost.
Have you ever attended a homeschool convention, but found yourself strapped for cash after you paid for convention registration, hotel, gas, etc? Today I am going to share with you five ways to save money at a homeschool convention.
Hillary M. @ Our Homeschool StudioFinding Frugal: The Homeschool Version
Whenever the local paper prints what the fee schedule is for the public elementary school, I cringe. We would be spending a fortune to send our children. How do we manage to spend so little?
Lis P. @ Acorns Nuggets of GoldSome Nuggets of Gold for the Merry Month of May
I have run across some Nuggets of Gold that I wanted to share with you today. There are a variety of free resources included, so pick and choose what will be helpful for you, and Enjoy!
Debbie L. @ Debbie’s Homeschool CornerFrugal Homeschooling
I’ve always been very frugal—shopping sales, couponing, cooking from scratch, and so on. In the past several years, my financial situation has been such that I HAD to save money where I could because there just hasn’t been money for “extras.”


6 thoughts on “The Frugal Homeschool Blog Cruise”

  1. Lots of good ideas here. I would say, Homeschooling By God’s Provision.
    When we have had nothing to spend, God has given it to me.

    When we had a little to spend, He showed me how and where to get it cheap.

    When we finally had a budget category (with actual dollars in the category), He showed me where to spend and where to save, what I really needed and what I really didn’t. He also knows when I am just trying to be CHEAP!



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