The Crew's Newest Adventure – the BLOG CRUISE

Recently, the TOS Homeschool Crew decided to set sail on a new adventure – the BLOG CRUISE

The Blog Cruise will be a weekly "carnival", hosted right here on our blog (and on our FB fan page). 

Each week, we’ll have a new topic/question.  Crew members will answer these questions on their blog.  Kristen, our Carnival Coordinator, will post the "carnival round-up" each Tuesday, with links to all the various posts where you can learn more about the topic.  I just know you’re going to love it!

So, be sure to stop back each Tuesday and sail along with us on the Blog Cruise.


And, just in case you missed the very first Blog Cruise, here you go:

January 26 – Blog Cruise – What About Socialization?

I am so excited about our new weekly Blog Cruise. The rest of the crew is too, as you can see by the number of entries for our first topic. This week we’re talking about socialization. You know, the dreaded question homeschoolers all hear at some point: “What about socialization?”

Heidi, on her blog Reviews and Reflections, provides an excellent summary of the basic arguments concerning homeschoolers and socialization in her post What About Socialization?

To see examples of real life homeschoolers being socialized (photos included) visit Jennifer at Creative Learners and read Really? We are talking about Socialization…Again?

Michelle at A Life Better Than I Deserve details some positive socialization activities that her family participates in Oh, so you homeschool…well what about socialization?

Laura at Day by Day in Our World says that to her, socialization encompasses the ability to function in different social environments.

Angie at Minivan Moments states that socialization is equipping children for adulthood and tells why she thinks that’s best done at home in What about socialization?

Let’s look at the research…Wendy on Our Crew’s Ship discusses the facts in What About Socialization?

Tonia at The Sunny Patch asks “Do public schools provide socialization?” in her article What About Socialization?

Sheri says that “Home is a great place to teach social skills” in her blog Random Thoughts from the Homeschool Princess – What about socialization?

What better place to practice real-life skills than real life? Mrs. White at The Legacy of Home suggests some role-playing exercises in How My Children Learned Social Skills .

Barbara reminds us at Alive in Spirit, that it is the parents’ responsibility to socialize their children, whether they homeschool or not.

Heather wonders if homeschoolers have TOO MUCH socialization? on Marine Corps Nomads Socialization: Quality or Quantity?

Michelle at Delightful Learning says that the hardest part of homeschooling and socialization is deciding what NOT to do – What About Socialization?

Tristan reminds us that the answer depends on who is asking the question at Our Busy Homeschool – What About Socialization?

My entry at A Day in the Life, provides some sample responses to the socialization question.

Dawn at Olive Plants shares a true experience that caused her to realize that she needed to Prepare An Answer.

Debra at Footprints in the Butter provides the MOST creative answer. I’m not even going to give you a hint, but I doubt you’ve heard this one before.– But What About Socialization?

“Do I really want my kids to fit in?” asks Lori at Loving Learning at Home The Great Debate: Socialization for Homeschoolers.

Erin at Delighting in His Richness reminds us that our children don’t need everything that society says they do – What About Socialization?

“I Don’t Want Your Socialization” says Cindy at Fenced in Family in A Social Life.

But surely socialization is especially important to a family with one child. Find out from MO Mama at Ozark Ramblings – What about…(you know the rest).

And how can teens who are homeschooled have adequate socialization opportunities? Visit Annie Kate at Tea Time with Annie Kate – Socialization and Homeschooled Teens.

Susan at Homeschool Heart and Mind is already seeing some of the social benefits of homeschooling.

Heidi at Chatter, Clatter, and Things that Matter has also seen some social benefits. You’ll laugh when you read of her experience in Are Your Kids Socialized: The Rudeness Factor.

Lisa shares her personal journey that led her to homeschool on The Berry Patch: But What About Socialization?

Heather from Faith, Family, and Fun provides a unique perspective as someone who has kids in public school and homeschool. Socialization. Socialism. Homeschool.

"Why aren’t you in school?" is the question that makes Lisa at Isn’t Normal Just a Setting on the Washer? cringe – What About Socialization?

And Crazy Mom asks “Is it really an issue anymore?” at Ramblings from the Crazy House 2 – The “S” Word: Socialization.

April at ElCloud Homeschool: Busy Minds, Busy Hands, Busy Feet agrees and says it’s a “non-issue” in What About Socialization?

And Lori at Hearthside Homeschool Review asks “Well, what about it?” in But What About Socialization?

Thanks for blog cruising with us. Hopefully you feel a little more prepared to answer THE infamous question. Maybe you can even say, “Well, what about it?”

If you’ve found this helpful, consider posting a link in your status. Don’t forget to visit next week when we talk about how to know what to teach and when.

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