The Action Bible Anytime Devotions Reviews

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David C Cook offers a great variety of products – music, books, curriculum, Bible studies, crafts and activities, family games and toys, and more  that enable you to equip your homeschool, home, or church. When a purchase is made through David C Cook, you help spread the message of the Gospel. They have partners in some of the most difficult to reach places and spread the Good News through the David Caleb Cook Foundation.

One book offered by David C Cook that is well known is The Action Bible . Known for bringing the Bible to life for preteens through a colorful comic-book-style presentation, The Action Bible is joined by a new book. The newest book to become part of the series is The Action Bible Anytime Devotion 90 Ways to Help Kids Connect with God Anytime, Anywhere is illustrated by Sergio Cariello, a Brazilian comic book artist, and offers children ages 8-12 the chance to more closely connect to God on a daily basis.

The Action Bible Anytime Devotions is a 200-page paperback book published on February 1, 2020. If you are purchasing the book as a gift, there is a space to include the name of the child, when it was presented, and on what date or occasion. There are two pages addressed directly to parents to help you use the book with your children. The overall goal of the devotions is to help connect you and your children with “the timeless Word of God through stories.”

The 90 devotions cover the following topics: love, courage, hope, trust, faith, kindness, strength, and service. Two pages are devoted to each devotion which starts with a Bible quote (from the NIV Translation), goes on to share a story, connects the story back to the Bible, presents a prayer for your child, and gives suggestions for how to take the devotion further in their daily lives. The stories shared with each devotion are ones that examine real-life struggles in today’s world.

Preteen children can read the book by themselves in the comfort of their bedroom, read it on the go by carrying it in their backpack, or read it with their parents. It is a slim volume packed full of inspiration and age-appropriate wisdom from the Bible that will help them learn about God’s Word and apply it to their own lives.

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