Has your homeschooler ever asked you, “why do I have to do so many questions?” when plodding through their math lesson?  Well, TenMarks has a solution.  A daily dose, just ten questions long, monitored throughout the course to measure “strength” in the concepts taught.  Instead of endless repetition, there is quick review and introduction of new concepts.  Learning is expected to be an ongoing process and the longer the student works at it and develops the skills, the better their mastery.

Several of our crew members received access to the TenMarks website for one or more of their students.  A program designed by parents to help their own students excel in maths, TenMarks offers full courses for Grades 3 through 10 and mapped based on individual state standards.  There is a free assessment available when you sign up to ensure your student is getting the correct placement.

Some of the features include being able to pause the program (which was handy as the crew had the review span over a holiday, so many chose the pause the program during Christmas week and resume in the New Year), Fast Tracking (for students moving through the work quickly), video lessons, problem-related hints (up to three per question), and even rewards and charts to encourage the student to continue to work hard at their lessons.

The program adapts itself based on the student’s performance, so there is no chance of them finding themselves in deeper waters than they can handle.  If their strength on a certain topic isn’t high enough, the program generates new lessons to give them extra practice to master the concepts before moving on.  However, if their strength is excellent, the program offers a “fast track” option which allows them to move ahead.

The fact that a parent can create personalized rewards for the student to work towards encourages the setting and achieving of goals.  The rewards can be anything from a new video game to spending time with Mom or Dad – it’s completely devised by the parent, not a pre-fabricated list – and therefore you won’t find any objectionable options.

TenMarks is affordable for everyone and offers a money back guarantee.  The program costs (per student): $10 a month, $49 for 6 months or $89 for a year.

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