Teaching Spanish Through Geography

Learning Spanish is a wonderful foreign language choice for homeschoolers. And there are many ways to learn Spanish. From curriculums, supplements, and online programs to immersion, music, and travel the sky’s the limit as to how you can teach or learn Spanish. Another fun way is teaching Spanish through geography. 

Courses and Curriculum 

If you are in need of a full Spanish curriculum, there are several courses at SchoolhouseTeachers.com that may fit the bill. From an elementary Spanish course, which will help build a strong foundation, to Spanish 1 and 2 that focus on vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, verbs, and more, to an advanced Spanish course that focuses on speaking, there are four great options. 

Another great option is the Educator’s Spanish Collection from Whistlefritz from preschool to second grade. This course focuses on immersion with video content, music, and engaging lesson plans. 

Don’t forget to check out local colleges for dual enrollment possibilities for your older homeschooled children. And you can even look into local classes and tutors. 


Once you are starting to understand the language, it’s time to travel! What better way to teach Spanish through geography than touring Spanish-speaking countries and locales?. 

Research the countries that you want to visit and learn the names of towns and cities. Discover how their dialect may be different from the one you have been learning together. Maybe make a list of common words and phrases and find out which words are different or if they are spoken differently in Spain versus Central and South American countries. 

Travel through the history of Spanish-speaking countries together during your homeschool geography lessons. Discover how the Spanish traveled around the globe to spread their language by researching explorers of the past and movement of modern day Spanish-speaking citizens. 

Teaching Spanish Through Geography Using Maps and More

If you can’t travel but you still want to teach Spanish through geography, use maps, virtual tours, and websites for popular tourist sites. Map out on paper (or online) an adventure that will take your children through a multitude of Spanish-speaking countries. And assign a variety of locations to research and study. 

For example, start in your home town and plan a trip to Mexico. After your children have selected which town they wish to stay in, have them write down a few handy phrases they will need to get around in the town. Next look for famous places to visit such as Chichen Itza or San Miguel de Allende. While copying out useful everyday phrases, also have your children write down phrases they will need to order food, travel from place to place, and ask questions at the tourist sites they pick out. 

Teaching Spanish Through Geography

Jobs or Careers 

Once your children have mastered a language, they can think about jobs or careers using that language. Here are some examples to consider. 

  • Teacher (online tutoring, Spanish teacher, ESL teacher) 
  • Tour guide 
  • Translator 
  • Customer service
  • Content writer
  • Editor
  • Foreign correspondent 
  • Law enforcement
  • Social worker 

Foreign Language in Your Homeschool 

What foreign language do you learn in your home? Do you take a unique approach to learning it such as learning Spanish through geography? 

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