Living, Home Educating, and Caring

As the population gets older, more and more people will become adult caregivers. This will and does, include those of us who home educate. This post is about the joys and challenges of caring for someone in the autumn of life whilst home educating. Why be an adult caretaker? Most older people would prefer to … Read more

The Road We Traveled

You know those “fork in the road” moments that we all have?  Sometimes they feel as though they are much more “permanent” than they really are…’cause we actually CAN turn around, go back and go the other route, can’t we? But most of the time, when it’s one of those moments, it doesn’t seem like … Read more

Help! I’m Addicted to Freebies!

It’s Monday morning and you look on your email inbox and there they are – this week’s homeschool freebies. And even better, it corresponds with the history time period you are studying. A few clicks and you have it downloaded. Whew! Got that freebie! I go through this almost weekly. It may be a homeschool … Read more

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