4 Benefits of Homeschooling an Only Child

I recently heard homeschool veteran and speaker, Carol Barnier, say that attending a homeschool convention is the only place she has to hang her head and say, “I ‘only’ have 3 children” when questioned about the size of her family. Almost like it’s shameful or embarrassing. I can relate. I “only” have one child. While … Read more

Homeschooling an Only Child

Jennifer @ Chestnut Grove Academy — Tips From Moms Who Homeschool Only Children I have 4 children, so I obviously do not fall into the ‘only child’ category. However, I have friends that homeschool ONE child and I know that the ripe old questions of socialization is even more overused in these circumstances. I thought it … Read more

Blog Cruise–Homeschooling an Only Child

Parents of only children might be wondering how families like theirs homeschool with just one.  How are they different from families with more than one?  What kind of of opportunities and challenges does this present?  This week, we have a few responses to that question from our TOS Crew members that are homeschooling an only … Read more

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