Breaking the Myth: When Your Homeschool Child is Average

“Your kids must be geniuses!” It’s a common response when people learn we homeschool (or roadschool, in our case). They think that because we’ve chosen to forego the common educational route, either our kids have special needs or they are or will become highly above average—genius, if you will. Let’s annihilate the myth (a.k.a. unrealistic expectation) … Read more

Blog Cruise – Homeschooling Myths

There are many misconceptions about homeschool families that we, as homeschoolers hear and face almost daily.  This is our chance to tell you the real story.  This week, we asked TOS Crewmates to debunk the homeschooling myths they hear the most.  Please click through the links to read how TOS Crewmates answer this week’s question. … Read more

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