What Homeschooling Looks Like in the Philippines

In our original Homeschooling Around the World Series, we were able to get a look into one family’s experience of homeschooling in the Philippines. We have been blessed with additional interviews with families homeschooling in the Philippines so we can see more examples of homeschooling. Homeschooling has always been supported in the Philippines and there … Read more

Homeschooling in Alberta

Homeschooling Around the World: Alberta

Krista and her family live in Alberta, Canada. In their province, there are now two options for homeschooling in Alberta. If a child is six years old by September first, they must be registered and begin schooling.  The first option is to be supervised by a school authority where funding is provided up to $850 … Read more

Considering Homeschooling in Ontario?

Considering Homeschooling in Ontario?

Our Homeschooling Around the World series continues this week with Ontario, Canada!  Schoolhouse Ambassador Candace Moreau, from Ontario, Canada, has been married for twenty-five years and her family has utilized public school, homeschooling, and many things in between. She and her husband have four sons ages 22, 20, 16, and 12.  Like many homeschooling families, there were … Read more

Homeschooling in Jamaica

Homeschooling Around the World Series: Jamaica

Our Homeschooling Around the World series continues this week with Jamaica! Janelle, a member of the social media team at The Old Schoolhouse® and resident of Jamaica, shares her reasons for homeschooling, the process of homeschooling, and more! Like many countries around the world, homeschooling is legal in Jamaica. While families aren’t required to register … Read more

What Does Homeschooling Look Like Around the World?

What Does Homeschooling Look Like Around the World @ HomeschoolReviewCrew.com

Have you ever wondered what it is like to homeschool in a different state, province, or country? What requirements do families need to meet before they can start educating their children in their home? While homeschooling is legal in all fifty states and every province in Canada, there are places around the world where one … Read more

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