Teach Your Child to Read with the Phonics and Reading with McGuffey App! (LiteracySoft Review)

If you are familiar with McGuffey Readers, you know that they have been a trusted name in education, teaching more than 10 million children.   The Phonics and Reading with McGuffey App from LiteracySoft brings these lessons to life in an app, teaching your child to read with 52 step-by-step lessons. Phonics and Reading With … Read more

Making History Come Alive with Knowledge Quest Review

History is filled with interesting events and fascinating people, and Knowledge Quest offers unique ways to help students learn about and connect with history. Sacagawea is a historical novel with a twist. It is an interactive ebook for kids ages 10 and up, with embedded links that readers can click in order to gain a … Read more

Mobile Education Tools Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Mobile Educational Tools. Mobile Educational Tools has offered two great apps for the Crew to review, Rainbow Sentences and StoryBuilder. Rainbow Sentences, which is for the iPad only, is designed to help students improve their ability to construct grammatically correct sentences by using color coded visual cues. The who, … Read more

Blog Cruise: Favorite Apps

Welcome to this week’s Blog Cruise! With the explosion of all things “app” related including the iPod Touch, iPad, Kindle Fire and a host of Android tablets, homeschooling, and education in general, is reaching new heights of technology every day. Homeschoolers have been quick to jump on the iEducation bandwagon from the very beginning.  This … Read more

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