College Level Examination Program Preparation {SpeedyPrep Reviews}

This article is in collaboration with SpeedyPrep. Have you priced college tuition lately? Would you like your high school student to begin college with credits already on their transcript? Does your high school or college student excel in subjects which he/she could CLEP (College Level Examination Program) and receive college credit accepted by approximately 2,900 … Read more

Preparing Your Homeschool High School Student for College (College Prep Genius Review)

For parents and students who have questions about how to prepare for college, High School Prep Genius provides information, explanations, and guidance packed into eighteen chapters in a high quality glossy trade paperback. Published by College Prep Genius, this 440-page book introduces how to use the book with instructions for creating a college and career … Read more

College Common Sense Review

  This article is in collaboration with College Common Sense. College Common Sense is a program designed to help families understand the process for finding and obtaining financial aid for college.  Developed by Denise Ames, a financial aid counselor at a university in Texas, College Common Sense is applicable to parents of students of any age.  … Read more

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