Homeschooling with the Brain in Mind {Day 5 Homeschool Blog Hop}

For homeschoolers, the world of educational choices is endless. Freedom abounds and the world is ours to make what we want of it. The first overwhelm that often strikes new homeschoolers is how to choose…anything! There are seemingly endless choices we face every day and to try and keep ourselves from decision-making overload we have … Read more

When College Isn’t the Next Step {Day 4 Homeschool Blog Hop}

Graduating a child from your homeschool is an exciting experience. If you are a parent of teens, you are probably well aware of the testing and planning and expectations on your student – and you. As we are preparing for our daughter’s last year in our homeschool, I have one question. What do you do … Read more

Encouraging Reading {Day 3 Homeschool Blog Hop}

I have many goals for my children but encouraging them to love reading is high on that list. When I was a child I was blessed with parents that knew the importance of reading and frequently bought me books or took me to the library. Among my fond memories of childhood is the summer that … Read more

Fostering Independence {Day 2 Homeschool Blog Hop}

Homeschooling Without Hovering As homeschool parents, we carry our children’s education primarily, or in many cases entirely, in our own hands. That’s a school bus full of responsibility that most of us take very seriously. (Let’s not talk about the days when we toss it all and make chocolate chip cookies and call it dinner, … Read more

Keeping the Read Aloud Revival Alive {Day 1 Homeschool Blog Hop}

Over the past couple of years, I’ve noticed an increase in the family read aloud culture. I run a group of local homeschool moms, and each month we get together to talk about what’s going on, what’s working and what’s not. And of course, there are always snacks involved. These monthly kid-free meetings are something … Read more

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