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Super Star Speech: Speech Therapy Made Simple gives parents the tools to help their children improve their articulation (speech sound) skills at home. This manual includes:

• An articulation test that assesses speech sounds in all word positions and compares errors to developmental norms.
• Specific instructions and tips for teaching every sound.
• 240 picture cards.
• Games and activities for enjoyable practice and drill.
• Reproducible lesson plan forms.

Three more books:
Super Star R and L: Speech Therapy Made Simple,
Super Star S, Z, and Sh: Speech Therapy Made Simple,
and Super Star Ch, J, and Th: Speech Therapy Made Simple
provide extra practice and specialized activities for specific sounds. These manuals can stand alone for children with one or two speech sound errors or can be used as supplements to Super Star Speech: Speech Therapy Made Simple, providing additional pictures and activities. These manuals include:

• Specific instructions and tips for teaching sounds.
• Picture cards that can be used straight from the book or copied onto card stock for greater durability.
• Games, worksheets, and activities for enjoyable practice and drill.
• Speech therapy materials, activities and games that are new and different from those in Super Star Speech: Speech Therapy Made Simple.

Super Star Games provide an inexpensive and fun way to supplement your social studies, science, or language arts curriculum. These downloadable games are quick to print out and easy to use. The topics covered include: Explorers, Continents, The Solar System, Egypt, Colonies, Revolutionary War, Insects, Plants, Inventors, and Parts of Speech.

Crew members were given the opportunity to review speech therapy materials or educational games from Super Star DML Publishing. Here is what they have to say:

12 thoughts on “Super Star Speech”

  1. I think that "Super Star Speech" is a great resource for helping our children with speech therapy at home in a fun way!

  2. Loved these games! Thought the Road to Revolution did a great job reviewing what we'd learned with our All American history curriculum.

  3. I reviewed Super Star Games and just loved them. For a very reasonable price you can receive 11 games that are great reviews to your current studies. We really enjoyed these games a lot.


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