Sue Patrick's Workbox System

Have you felt overwhelmed and dismayed about the progress of your current method of teaching? Do you need something to simplify your daily subject matter into bite-sized portions of information?  Then the Sue Patrick Workbox System may be the perfect solution for you.

Sue describes her method as having a two-fold purpose:

“The first component teaches you how to optimize the benefits of homeschooling. [Noting that] often a child’s ability to succeed simply depends on having the material presented in smaller pieces that are especially tailored to him.  Also, presenting his material throughout the day with variety and enhanced teaching ‘angles’ will make sure he truly learns. ” And the second component of the Workbox System, “…will allow you to teach your child more effectively, and at the same time help you to better organize your school day.  Children using this system stay more focused and are more successful in learning and completing their school work independently.”  

Within the pages of the Sue Patrick’s Workbox System User Guide you will find chapters covering:  the Benefits of Homeschooling, How We Teach and Train, What the Workbox System is, Who the System is for, How a Day Works, Curriculum and Material, Breaking Down Curriculum for Success, Life Skill Foundations, the built in Discipline of the Workbox System, Problem Solving and Specialization of Your Child’s Education, Family Dynamics and Homeschooling, and Tips and Tricks and Problem Solving.  The purchase of the book allows the buyer to access several forms to download, along with the option to obtain further consultation  with the author.

You can glean more information regarding the actual system itself, by watching the explanation video   posted on Sue’ site.

To help you begin your workbox experience with all of the necessary components, you can purchase a variety of resources. The  User Guide  is available inyour choiceof eBook or paperback  for $19.95  or the book with 4 months of Consultation for $119.95. For those who do not have the items necessary to create the cards, forms and schedule strips, try the pre-assembled Material kits for 1 ($12.75) or 2 ($24) children.Center  packages for grades 1-3, 3-5, and 4-6 are also available for $40 each set.
And three different Complete Starter Packages  can be purchased as well.

Several of the Crew members received the eBook version of the Sue Patrick’s Workbox System User Guide, along with access to downloads on the site.  Some families have already been using this system, while others are brand new to the concept-making for a variety of useful reviews that will help you decide if this system is right for you.

***A big THANK YOU to First Mate Sheri for writing this informational post!***


13 thoughts on “Sue Patrick's Workbox System”

  1. A program that emphasizes the connection among learning environment, organization, and classroom procedures and provides a wealth of help in increasing the productivity of any classroom!

  2. Love the organizational methods here even if I did tweak it a bit. Have encouraged other mothers to try the workbox system out.

  3. I appreciated getting the chance to review and learn more about workboxes Had heard so much about them but never had the opportunity to before reviewing Sue Patrick's book.

  4. Taking Sue's idea of a visual hands on way to break down a child's work and making it fit my family was great. The e-book itself was a bit too my-way-or-the-highway for me.


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