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Traditional spelling programs typically involve memorizing lists of words according to a student’s grade level. Spelling You See from Demme Learning is a unique approach to teaching spelling.


Spelling You See places students, not by grade level, but by language development. Instead of lists of words, students are given one passage each week. Each day students will examine the passage, looking for word patterns. As they do this, students learn to recognize patterns in words in the daily lessons. Each day they copy the weekly passage. Through copywork, they are given an opportunity to learn and practice unfamiliar words in context. At the end of the week, the student writes the passage while it is dictated by the parent. Through dictation, parents can see what words students know well and what words and word patterns may still need work.

Crew members had the opportunity to review the two newest levels of Spelling You See: Ancient Achievements (Level F) and Modern Milestones (Level G).

AncientAchievementsPart2-cover3Ancient Achievements is the last Spelling You See level to focus on skill development. Each day the students work on “chunking” letters to make spelling patterns and copying the weekly passage. At the end of the week, they’ll use dictation to write the passage. In this level, the passages allow children to read about interesting facts, discoveries, and achievements from long ago.There is also a spotlight feature to introduce students to new facts about words. The student pack comes with two workbooks and erasable colored pencils for marking words. The Instructor’s Handbook offers additional, optional ideas.

MMHandbook-cover2The Modern Milestones level focuses on helping students to develop work extension skills such as using prefixes and suffixes. Students continue to have copywork and dictation activities, and they also have a Weekly Workshop page for extra practice. This level encourages students to work more independently. This student pack also comes with two workbooks and erasable colored pencils for marking. In this level students will read passages about artists, composers, scientists, and others who have influenced the world in modern time periods.

Spelling You See has additional earlier levels that are intended for very young children on up. The Spelling You See site has readiness guidelines that can help you determine on which level your child should begin.

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Spelling You See ReviewsA big thank you to Leah Courtney of As We Walk Along the Road for writing this introductory post.

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