Sharing Christmas {Blog Cruise}

The internet abounds with lovely ideas for making Christmas happier, brighter, and more meaningful. The Crew blogs are no exception!

From fun crafts and homemade gifts, to recipes and decorating tips, to inspiring ideas for your homeschool, our wonderful bloggers are writing articles that will at once encourage, inspire, and spur on your own creativity!

So, grab a cup of Christmas tea and enjoy a few treasured moments of reading in this week’s Blog Cruise — Sharing Christmas!



Lisa F. @ Learning Titus 2Handmade Gifts: Paper Dolls 

This year, I’m sad that I’m not getting really into the creative side of gift giving. Usually I get a great idea and work on it. I just haven’t felt inspired and it’s kind of depressing. Until I got a great idea off Pinterest for my ~7 year old niece …


Gwen T. @ Tolivers to Texas — Big Family Celebration!

Despite the continued failures of decent Toliver family pictures, we still love Christmas around here! And this year, John joyfully passed on his duties as “assembler of fake Christmas tree” to the children.


Jennifer A. @ ConversavingChristmas Traditions

What do nachos and egg nog have to do with tree trimming?


Nicole T. @ Journey to ExcellenceRediscovering Christmas

While shopping for Halloween costumes, we had to walk through Christmas decorations. Isn’t that the way things are now? It’s all commercialism. Where is Jesus? Oh, yeah, he’s on that plastic nativity set on Aisle 8.


Candace C. @ His Mercy Is NewHomemade Coconut Oil Lotion

I tried this lotion recipe (with great skepticism) and it turned out BEAUTIFULLY and was SO SIMPLE!!! It really only took a few minutes to finish the recipe! (then stirring a few times later in the day.) Can you tell I’m excited?

Karyn T. @ Teach Beside MeThe Christmas Service Tree

December is a time our family likes to focus on doing service for others. I created a service tree this year. When the kids do an act of service for someone, they get to add a little ornament to the tree!


Meg F. @ Adventures with JudeCome, Lord Jesus!

We’re preparing our hearts for the birth of Jesus with a crafty Advent Wreath and a daily devotion. Includes a review of the devotional e-book, “Adverbs for Advent.”


Leah C. @ I’m Livin’ My DreamChristmas Confessions

So, why do really celebrate Christmas? I’m getting down to the truth of why this holiday just isn’t my favorite.


Shalynne A. @ Wonderfully Chaotic — This Christmas, Take a Holiday

Yesterday at church our pastor started a series that is going to be about helping us to focus on the significance of Christmas in our lives . . . He began by encouraging us to take a “holiday” or vacation, to set aside our worries and to focus on what truly matters . . .


Jenn P. @ Treasuring Life’s BlessingsVirtual Cookie Exchange Linky Party

Woohoo, it’s party time!!! Let’s exchange those photos & recipes of your favorite Christmas cookies & goodies!


Karen W. @ Tots and Me“It’s No Puzzle” Picture Frame Gift

I remember when I was growing up how much homemade gifts meant to my mom; a gift made specifically for a loved one is made from the heart. Our children LOVE to make things for us all the time and we accept them with such enthusiasm, because we know they were made out of love.


Tracey M. @ A Learning Journey — Christmas Traditions: 25 Days to Christmas Book Tree Countdown

I started this tradition three years ago and will continue doing it every year … as long as my family will let me. This is done as one of our advent activities to help us countdown the days until Christmas.


Michelle P. @ Faith, Family and FridaysIt’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Yes, I do have a slight obsession with Christmas trees. Do not tell my husband! OK, he knows, but please do not mention it or ask how him many we have, as it tends to get him started on a speech about his crazy obsessed wife.


Dawn W. @ Guiding Light HomeschoolThe Holidays ~ Not Always Happy

The holidays aren’t always an easy or happy time for everyone. I am one of those people. However, leaning on the Lord helps carry me through.


Anne Marie G. @ Future Flying SaucersMake New Friends, But Keep the Old

Sometimes it is necessary to sit back and take a look at the good things that have transpired throughout the year. Reflections during a Girls’ Night Out and the Blessings of 2012.


Leah M. @ Learning 4 KeepsOh, Christmas Tree

It’s a Christmas traditions linky party! Come share and explore!


Candy F. @ Strategic Shopping10 Ways to Strategically Give Back

 Everyone everywhere is concerned about learning how to become a Strategic Shopper today. Let’s not forget to be Strategic Givers!


Samantha M. @ Earthy MamaA New Christmas

New lives make new traditions.


Brandy B. @ Kingdom AcademyThe Christmas Blahs!

I promised myself that this Christmas was going to be different…peaceful even…and now I’m just frustrated!


Bethany H. @ Little Homeschool BlessingsChristmas Traditions

Christmas holds many traditions in our family. Oddly enough, they are not the same traditions Poppa and I had growing up, but instead ones of our own making.

Lisa N. @ Golden GrassesSeasonal Good Things

A list of our tried and true (with a few new) holiday favorites; books, movies, crafts and activities.

Laura L. @ Loving and Learning on the High PlainsIt’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Christmas is not something we unpack from a box of decorations. It’s not something we bake with sugar and sprinkles. It is a GIFT. We honor the greatest Gift, Jesus Christ, as we give of ourselves, of our talents, and of our time.

Nikki H. @ Angels of the HeartJesus is the Reason to Celebrate: Toddler Crafting

 This is the baby … All snug and warm…
The one who will lead us… and keep our hearts from harm

Clarissa @ Counting Our BlessingsChristmas Traditions

 Every family has their traditions and I never really thought about whether the traditions I was raised with were considered “the normal” or not, they were just normal to me. When I got married, new traditions were added to the family and I realized, *every family has their traditions*. And *that* is normal.

Kerri @ Old-Fashioned GirlsOur Saviour~Our Christmas

It might well be that when we today, celebrate Christ’s birth at the time of year we call Christmas, we are actually celebrating the miraculous conception of our Lord and Savior, Jesus. The time when our Heavenly Father sent His Son into the world, in the virgin’s womb.

Nicole C. @ Some Call It NaturalChristmas Traditions and Going with the Flow

 When you are going about creating Christmas traditions for your family, remember to enjoy the people. Don’t put so much emphasis on the traditions that you aren’t able to enjoy the family with which you are trying to create those traditions!

Sara P. @ Embracing DestinyMore Decorating for Christmas

 Another milestone has been reached in our household that just proves that my girls are growing up — they are now more interested in putting ornaments on the tree than in taking them off! Part of me feels a little sad and nostalgic for the babies who thought ornaments made interesting toys rather than decorations . . .


Annette V. @ A Net in Time SchoolingArt for Christmas

Using a pine branch as a paintbrush makes for interesting effects in painting a Christmas tree.

Scarlett R. @ The Scarlett ThreadFavourites for Christmas

I have shared some traditional Christmas books and movies we enjoy for a merry, holiday season!

Joelle U. @ Homeschooling for His GloryThoughts on Christmas

One can only truly appreciate Christmas for what it is, and genuinely rejoice during this festive season, if and only if he has understood its true meaning, its needs, and its end.

Jen S. @ Happy Little HomemakerFavorite New {Modern} Christmas Books

This year, I’ve decided to go modern with our new favorite Christmas story post. We are picking 3 popular new-ish books instead of classic Christmas stories.

Marcy C. @ Ben and Me — N is for Nativity

I know what it’s like for the birth of a baby to change my world. How unimaginable is it that the birth of a baby could change THE world? That is exactly what happened though.


Renata F. @ Sunnyside Farm FunYummy Ice Cream Christmas Pudding

Being so hot, we’ve had to become a little adventurous with the more traditional Christmas food that is designed for those in the midst of a blistery cold white winter . . . I make an ice cream Christmas pudding which is cool, refreshing & delicious!

Amanda S. @ Our Heart & HomeSeeing Christ in Christmas

Are you striving to teach your family to see Jesus as the focus of Christmas? Here you will find ways to “see” Jesus in the everyday Christmas icons.

Niki S. @ Our Little Homeschool CottageFunny Merry Christmas

Why Jesus is Better Than Santa Claus: Santa Claus rides in a sleigh…
JESUS rides on the wind and walks on the water.

Alane A. @ Reaping a Harvest — Creating Joy at Christmas

Alane shares simple traditions that bring joy to her family during Christmas.

Amy L. @ Our Appalachian HomeschoolChristmas Day Dessert

What could be better than an entire day making Christmas desserts with your children . . .

Kym @ Homeschool Coffee BreakHoliday Decorations

I love the “professionally” decorated Christmas trees out on display during the holidays, and sometimes wish I could do something that lavish or well-designed. Those are good for new ideas, but ordinary at-home Christmas trees do reflect something of the people and families who decorate them.

Amy @ Bow of BronzeCelebrating the Second Sunday of Advent

I love celebrating Advent and have found it to be a wonderful way to bring the focus of Christmas back onto Christ.

I hope you have enjoyed our Sharing Christmas Blog Cruise! Our normal, twice-monthly schedule will resume on January 1 with  Looking Back at 2012! We can’t wait to share with you then!

Merry Christmas from the Schoolhouse Review Crew!

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