School Supplies {Back to Homeschool Annual Blog Hop – 2017}

I don’t know if you’re like me, but I ADORE school supplies. I get Giddy when I see a new design on a composition book or some cute shaped post-its. And don’t even get me started on sparkly gel pens. They are my happy place.

Homeschoolers know all about school supplies. I’m guessing that most of you have stockpiles ready for that dreaded moment when somebody runs out of stick glue in the middle of making a lapbook on Ancient Egypt.

Been there. Done that.

There have been times in my homeschooling career that I could have possibly stocked a small stationery store. Crayons, colored pencils, scissors…I’ve got oodles.

And then there are those school supplies that are only unique to homeschool moms and dads. You know the ones I’m talking about….

An unending supply of stretchy pants and fuzzy slippers. After all, there are days that I might get out of my pajamas. I need something a little less embarrassing to wear than my Hello Kitty nighty. Oh, the story my UPS man could tell. My son wore his swim trunks inside the house for an entire spring one year. Who am I to tell him he needs to put on real clothes to do school? Has anybody ever made up their homeschooling pajama uniform? I think that needs to be a thing.

I’m also looking for a picnic basket/cooler/bag big enough to pack our lunches, a variety of snacks, nature journal supplies, art stuff and first aid materials that I can actually lug down a trail or through the park without breaking something. Preferably my neck and/or my camera. Some wise parents outfit all their kiddos in handy backpacks so they can carry their own stuff, plus some more. What about us mommas with one kid? And no way can we leave the natural journals at home. We might see something cool!

Or how about a wall of bookshelves in every room. Most regular people don’t understand this. Why do homeschoolers NEED so many books? You can’t even begin to understand the joy I felt when I realized I wasn’t alone in my book buying urges. One can never have too many books. I can’t even go into a thrift store or go to a yardsale without freeing a book from captivity. It will find rest and solace at my house. It will be valued…I guarantee that!

Here is something we need at our house. A lifetime supply of dry erase markers. Better yet could we make them so that they never dry up or are unattractive to the kiddos in our house? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to get one for our math lesson and the only one in the house that works is hot pink. It’s so bright it makes my eyes cross.

And then there are those days that I close my eyes really tight and wish upon my last square of dark chocolate that The Laundry Fairy would come and not only get my laundry caught up, but teach that unit on dividing fractions. Anybody with me? While she’s at it I sure need my bookshelves organized.

I’m always curious to see what other homeschoolers use or can’t live without. Today the Crew is sharing all of that and more! So get your notebook out (along with your favorite sparkly pen) and get ready to take some good notes. Below you will find possibly what you are looking for.

Rebekah Teague is the homeschooling mama to one busy and beautiful boy. She is married to The Muffin who is a pastor and a really great guy. In her spare time she can be found with a book and a cup of tea. She blogs at There Will Be A $5 Charge For Whining


Meet some of the Crew participating in this weeks blog hop:

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Hillary – Walking Fruitfully – I’m a mama to six, from 7 years old up to 16. We homestead and homeschool our crew in a relaxed, Charlotte Mason-inspired way, even through high school. We strive “to walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing to Him, bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God.” Colossians 1:10

Jacqui  – Homestead Bounty Blessings – I am a wife, mother, teacher, homesteader in training, and believer in Jesus, my Savior. My blog, Homestead Bounty Blessings, shares my journey in gardening, chicken keeping, homeschooling, and homesteading.

Jacquelin – A Stable Beginning – This blog is my attempt to document our busy but BLESSED lives raising and educating our children for His glory. A child of God, wife to one, and mom to 6 fabulous kids. We are in our 9th year of homeschooling using a Classical ~ Charlotte Mason approach. Come along for the good, the bad & the ugly.

Jenn – Treasuring Life’s Blessings – Jenn is a mom to 8 children. She shares about her everyday life, homeschooling, and favorite recipes.

Jennifer – Dear Homeschooler – I am a homeschooling mom of two, sharing my experience of teaching in homes, in schools, with Special Needs, and online ESL to build a community of home educators.

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