Schleich Action Figures

Have you seen the action figures by Schleich?  I have not, but I’ve been listening to the rumblings of the Crew; and, according to them, these action figures are something to be seen … and played with … and displayed … and collected …

They have Farm Life

Wild Life

Forest Animals

and much more!

Check out their website and start making your wish lists.  Then check back here to see what the Crew has to say about these fun toys!

10 thoughts on “Schleich Action Figures”

  1. What a joy it was to open this box. My kids were overjoyed to see a box full of animals from Schleich to add to their collection. You know there are those that claim they are hand painted and then when you look at it the eyes are all crooked or something. Not Schleich! These toys are meticulously made and painted to look life like. And they DO! This company was founded in 1935, so you know they are doing something right. Their toys are of fantastic, lasting, detailed quality.

  2. We got a horse, elephant, goose, pig, baby tiger and eagle, all beautifully detailed in texture and color. Great, sturdy, affordable toys!

  3. These were more than welcome at the Gunn Ranch Academy/Scheich farm and zoo sanctuary!! Seems everytime we go in Tractor Supply for feed or ranch supplies we end up with a couple more. They are awesome figures!

  4. My family and I have loved them for years. What fun to be able to review them and add more to our collection as well. 😀

  5. By far the best in plastic toy figures I have ever seen in my twenty years of being a Mom. Schleich's attention to detail and quality will bring out the kid in everyone. Great educational toys!!


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