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It’s such a delight to find a fictional story that uses bible evidence as its core foundation. These kinds of books not only take us on adventures to places and times that keep us engaged and wanting more but they do so with a solid message that touches our lives and changes how we think about the world.

Over the past few weeks, the Crew has had the opportunity to review the short novel Pursued to Eternity by John Riley.

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Pursued to Eternity chronicles the six-month odyssey of two brothers, Dr. Alan Bridges, the younger atheist brother, and Connor Bridges, a biology teacher and older Christian brother. The story takes us on an adventure that spans ancient times to the present as it explores dinosaur hunting, an Egyptian diary written during the time of Moses, and an oil field in Kenya all while exploring man’s origins all the way to his eternal future.

Author John Riley has a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Purdue University. Before writing Pursued to Eternity, he worked as an engineer for 35 years. He has been retired for over 10 years and during this time, he and his wife have taught a variety of courses, including physics, robotics, and SAT prep classes, to more than 1,000 students!

John Riley is also a lesson designer for, where his course, Apologetics: Creative vs. Evolution, is available as a 14-week, video-based course for grades 7 to 12. Much like his book, the course demonstrates evidence and proof for Creationism and allows the students to examine the evidence and come to their own conclusions.

Who should read Pursued to Eternity? Middle schoolers, high schoolers, and their parents will all find something of value in this short book by John Riley. It will introduce younger readers to ideas about defending their faith, while older readers may be able to grow and develop their own arguments. The author shows how our Creator desires for each of us to come to Him and receive His most precious gift of eternal salvation.

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Special thanks to Kristen H. of A Mom’s Quest to Teach, Tess H. of Circling Through this Life, Michelle W. of Life in the Nerddom, and Betty D. of Let’s Get Real for collaborating on this introductory article.

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