Teaching Children Ages 4-10 How to Read Review

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The Schoolhouse Review Crew has been spending time reviewing two educational products that were shared with us by the Reading Kingdom. The crew was given access to either the Reading Kingdom Online program, or the newer ASD Reading (Autism Spectrum Disorder Reading.)


Reading Kingdom can teach children to read and write to a third grad level, with a fun, easy to use online program.

According to the Department of Education, two out of three children fail to become proficient readers. Fewer than one in five words can be “sounded out”, and too often, phonics is the only method used to teach. While reading requires six skills, Phonics teaches only one. Reading Kingdom teaches all six:

1. Sequencing

2. Writing

3. Sounds

4. Meaning

5. Grammar

6. Comprehension

The program adapts to any child, and is fun, so children think they’re playing a game.

Some members of the Review Crew were given access to ASD Reading, an easy-to-use online program that teaches students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to read, write and comprehend.

Many ASD students are taught with methods that do not work for children on the spectrum, with the result that the majority never gain the ability to read with fluency or understanding. The innovative content and methods of ASD Reading enable these children to achieve success – even when they are non-verbal (i.e.: non-speaking).

ASD Reading offers unique instruction methods not found in other programs:

1. It requires no prerequisite skills – all children can use the program-even those who are non-verbal.

2. It uses graphics, audio, and animation extensively to reinforce

3. It links written and spoken language so that one mirrors and reinforces the other.
It provides customized instruction that adapts to each child’s specific skills and needs.

4. It systematically assesses a child’s skills and overcomes error patterns and difficulties.

Our Crew Members have been reviewing one or the other of these programs, so that YOU may be better informed. You will find a wealth of information from the reviewers, along with their personal thoughts on the two programs.

Reading Kingdom Reviews

A big thank you to Lori Moffit of My Journeys Through Life for writing this introductory post.

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