Reading Comprehension Fun with Lou Adventures

This article is in collaboration with Lou Adventures.

The Lou Adventures App is a great way to build reading comprehension skills for young children. Its storylines and interactive games appeal to 7 to 10-year-olds. Tech-savvy and semi-independent children will find Lou (the talking guide dog) and his mystery adventures quite engaging. 

Speech Recognition Technology Helps Build Reading Skills

Reading involves many skills, such as comprehension, accuracy, and fluency. The parent monitors the accuracy and fluency of the child as he reads the passage out loud via the app’s speech recognition technology. For example, is the child pronouncing the words accurately? Is the child improving in terms of confidence, expression, and smoothness?

Playback is available in the Child’s Progress section. Quick questions at the end of a passage test reading comprehension skills. Just because the child can read everything correctly does not mean he understands what he is reading. Lou asks questions, and the child answers the question out loud back at him. With this feature, the app does a great job of checking reading comprehension and encouraging good reading-out-loud skills as well. It is essentially intertwines fun and games with children’s natural inquisitiveness to find out what is next and lets them build literacy skills at the same time. 

Reading Comprehension Fun with Lou Adventures

Boost Reading Comprehension with Gameplay

Lou Adventures App is very intuitive. Just follow Lou, and he will guide you to the next step. Children will discover treasures along the way, making everything exciting. The first-person video game approach and the realistic graphics easily captivate children and thus giving the app a sense of mystery and curiosity—like what is a typewriter doing there? What will happen if the player clicks on this item and that? The parent need not check all the time what is going on, providing the child a nice level of independence.

The app is currently only available in the App Store. It is easier to manipulate using an iPad as the space is bigger, but iPhones work easily as well.

Additional games in the app work on new vocabularies, synonyms, antonyms, idioms, and distinguishing between fact and opinion. There is a variety of skill-building activities and healthy repetition to promote skill retention and practice. Lou Adventures App is both a delightful and entertaining supplement to one’s homeschool. It gives mom a nice, quick break (10 to 20 minutes) and is an effective tool for children working on their reading comprehension skills.

Reading Comprehension Fun with Lou Adventures

Offline Support

Lou Adventures is on a mission to get children excited about reading. Their website offers free printable reading logs, book review templates, and a lot more—a packed reading support bundle—fantastic materials for parents to accompany their children along the way. There is also Lou’s Adventure Book Club, where cool prizes await readers! 

The affordable monthly subscription guarantees users can cancel anytime without hidden fees. What are you waiting for? Download Lou Adventures now!     

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