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Are you like so many homeschool families that are always on the lookout for good literature and quality resources to use with them? Take a look at Progeny Press. You can search their numerous K–12 resources to find a literature study guide to fit your family’s needs. Most study guides will provide 8–12 weeks of literature study in your homeschool.

Who is Progeny Press

Michael and Rebecca Gilleland are the owners of Progeny Press. Their mission is to provide literature study guides to children that offer a Christian perspective. All their study guides are written by teachers, pastors, and even home educators that follow Christian ideals. They strive to help children have fun with literature while also learning to comprehend it too.

What Progeny Press Offers

With Progeny Press, you will find an extensive collection of literature study guides. They are divided up into Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary, Middle School, and High School materials. There are numerous options for each level.

If you don’t want to search by grade level, you can also search for materials by genre and theme. So, if you are looking for ancient literature, fantasy, mystery, or even Shakespeare, click on that genre, and you have a list of study guides at your fingertips.  Progeny Press gives you several ways to find what you are looking for.

Now, do you want to buy the book to go along with your study guide?

No problem. Not only can you purchase study guides, but you can also buy the books you need right on their site.

Plus, you will find audiobooks, theatrical plays, and a Bible study resource too. Progeny Press has many literature resources to help you in your homeschool.  

Inside a Literature Study Guide

So, let’s look inside each study guide. Each guide focuses on:

  • Author Biography
  • Vocabulary words
  • Literary Techniques
  • Moral Lessons and Character Values
  • Activities and Writing Assignments
  • Suggestions for Further Reading

With these literature guides, kids can work on comprehension and analysis skills from kindergarten through high school.  

When purchasing these guides, you have a few options. You can buy a printed workbook, a CD, or an e-guide.  The CD and e-guide format are in an easily accessible PDF that can be opened on a Mac or Windows device. All you need is a free PDF downloader, and you can get started. Print off the materials from the CD or e-guide and begin. However, with the interactive study guides, your child can type their responses right in the document on the computer.

If you feel you aren’t all that tech-savvy, don’t worry. If you have trouble downloading your e-guide, tech support is available to help.

Each literature study guide also comes with a Teacher Key. This way, parents can quickly correct their child’s assignments.

The Literature Study Guides the Crew Reviewed

The Crew has been using four literature study guides over the past several weeks. Each family received their literature studies in an e-guide format. The members could print off the materials or give the interactive piece a try and have their kids type their answers inside the guides. Here are the literature studies the Crew families received.

Wagon Wheels Study Guide—(Grades 1–3) In 1878, a father and his three sons set out to settle in Kansas. After a brutal winter, though, the father leaves the boys to find a new home. The boys must learn to take care of each other and later set out on their own to join their father. This book is based on a true story.

Cricket in Time Square Study Guide—(Grades 4–6) A street-wise city mouse named Tucker and his friend Harry, a cat, live in the Time Square subway station. They end up meeting a cricket that has unwittingly ended up in the big city. Since the cricket is there, he decides to look around. With his two guides, Tucker and Harry, they face many adventures together and make some new discoveries about themselves along the way.

Redwall Study Guide—(Grades 5–10) Redwall is the first book in this popular series. It all begins in Mossflower Wood, where the animals are celebrating at Redwall Abbey. All is going well until it is rumored that Cluny, a terrible rat, is coming to take over. What shall the mice do? Here is where the quest begins to help save them all from Cluny taking over their land.  

Frankenstein Study Guide—(Grades 10–12) In this famous Gothic tale, you learn the story of Victor Frankenstein, whose life’s work was to create life. However, he soon realizes the consequences of doing so.  While on the run, Frankenstein is saved on an icy tundra in Russia by Robert Walton. He soon begins to reveal his story and all the horrors of successfully creating life.

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