Parenting: A Reflection of Who You Are

Parenting, one of life’s greatest challenges that can never truly be mastered.  An ever-changing reality of difficult decisions, choices, as well as situations that present themselves on a daily basis.  And each passing year I realize that my children are an absolute reflection of who I am, ALMOST!

My conclusion of this reality was during a conflict with my oldest.  With very similar personalities I have to take careful consideration when approaching situations that can be potentially explosive.

‘Buttons’ are pushed at the right moments, and if not mindful of my own body language I teach conflict resolution opposite of the appropriate response.

For me this is not simple, yet I have plenty of opportunities to practice this approach.

And as much as I do not want to admit he has become a reflection of who I am, with the good, the bad and the ugly.

Oftentimes, I see a mirror image of character traits I possess, whether positive or negative.  And it is during these moments that I either hold my head high or want to hide, for I have been the one to show him correct life responses, or lack of.

My interests, tastes, risk-taking experiences, and zest for life have all been passed on to another person who draws his own conclusion on how to ‘filter’ life for himself.

Yet, even though he REFLECTS me in so many ways, there are moments when he outshines who I am and rises to the top!

Of course, my heart stands in awe when he has the ability to push past what has been taught and choose a different outcome.  For we ALL can choose our responses to life and not let fate decide the end result.

My desire is to encourage my children to build upon their own strength, continue pursuing who they are with my DNA attached.  Whether it be a situation of compassion shown or an angry injustice, either way their ‘free will’ choosing can be a moment of truth, a reflection of who they are revealed.  

Parenting is just another means of refining my own ‘genetic make-up.’  And even though I find myself in the most precarious situations, revealing my own parents’ responses, I choose differently.

There are NO defined responses that can never be altered, as I have seen with my son.

A new day begins with a new approach and a new way of making changes!  I hope at some point I begin to reflect who he is, instead of vice versa.

“REFLECTION is one of the most underused yet powerful tools for success.”  ~Richard Carlson

It matters very little how many children a family does or does not have.  However, what does matter is how careful we are, as parents, with exposing our children to appropriate responses, correct communication and transferring of reflective interests.

A reflection of who you are, who I am, comes from spending time with the most precious people on the planet, our children.  They give us a priceless gift, unaware, of our best and worst moments, revealing for us that change is inevitable!

How do you see yourself REFLECTED in your children?


Written by Pam @ Simply Passionate

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