Orphs of the Woodlands at Tangletree Review

This article is in collaboration with Star Toaster.

Are you looking for fun yet educational apps for your children to keep learning going this summer? Star Toaster, creator of Orphs of the Woodlands, has a new app available in the iTunes store with their latest interactive book and game, called Orphs of the Woodlands at Tangletree. The goal at Star Toaster is to provide products that cultivate a love of reading through engaging and entertaining material.

The Orphs of the Woodlands app includes a 122 page illustrated chapter book, complete with videos, that follows the adventures of a flying squirrel who cares for six orphaned animals, or orphs, in his tree house. Children assist in the care of the orphs by completing jobs based on the 75 lessons in the subjects of math, science, language arts, thinking & life skills, and the arts.  Reports on progress are even available for parents.

If you are looking for a way to encourage learning through technology, give Orphs of the Woodlands at Tangletree a try.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/startoaster4kids

Twitter: https://twitter.com/StarToaster


A big thank you to Christy Schaefer of Unexpected Homeschool for writing this introductory article.

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