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This article is in collaboration with Practice Monkeys.

Do you ever find that driving to one more lesson will not fit in your schedule yet you need the expertise of an experienced tutor for your child’s music skills to grow? Practice Monkeys is an online source for LIVE and previously recorded violin lessons for young students of various levels. The enthusiastic teacher Mrs. Van Kleeck is an experienced teacher of more than 26 years with the Suzuki Violin technique and passionately seeks to share her knowledge with your students.

Live classes are available for streaming online four days per week in the afternoons on an Eastern Standard Time schedule. Currently, classes are available for teaching through the end of Suzuki Book Two with further levels planned. Assessments will show just where your student needs to be and progress is self-paced for the individual needs of each student.

Practice Monkeys is a “comprehensive violin education” available at a monthly price for far less than conventional private tutors and there is no driving to that one more lesson, just sign up the computer online and go! A camera, microphone, and computer or mobile device are needed. As well as a violin, chin rest, and a few books along your student’s journey.

The program is designed for effectiveness. If you miss classes, just make them up by practicing with the video later in the week. But don’t skip. Four times Practice Monkeys. Two times: Fun. Repeat.

This program is said to be everything you would get with a private teacher but also includes even more.

“More frequency. More support. More organization. ”

Jump through our linky and read about all the different experiences our families are having with this review crew run.

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A big thank you to Margaret Chind of Creative Madness Mama for writing this introductory article.

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  1. Mrs.Sarah is the best! We’ve been doing practice monkeys for about 3 years now and love it!!!!! So affordable/ especially with a large family. I tell my kids, “learn to play an instrument now! I’ve never met an adult who regretted learning to play as a child but I’ve met tons who say- I wish I would have!”


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