Once-a-Week Unit Studies Review

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Unit Studies are the workhorse of the homeschooling world. They can be the magic bullet, breathing life into a burnt-out homeschool experience. Unit Studies can be useful when schooling multiple ages and abilities. They accommodate a variety of learning styles and are perfect for those “hands-on” learners. Unit Studies can also be used as light summer fare…and can inject some much-needed energy into those cold, winter months.


Homeschool Legacy has taken the Unit Study and developed a unique mission to help families build a lasting, Godly family legacy. These Once-A-Week Unit Studies are structured in a way that requires little preparation for the Homeschool parent.  The bulk of the study is done in one day…leaving the rest of the school week free for core subjects and thematic reading.  In addition to the many academic benefits, Once-a-Week Unit Studies include resources for American Heritage Girls and Boy Scouts to assist in meeting merit badge requirements.

The Crew received a variety of Unit Studies to review.

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Birds of a Feather – This 4-week study (grades 2-12) is all about Birds and God’s Amazing Creation! Students will set up a bird feeding habitat, create a nature journal, learn about ornithology and migration.

Forest for the Trees – Perfect for grades 2-12, this 4-week study gets your nature lovers out of the house and ready for some tree-hugging! Students will learn to identify trees, create a nature journal and perform simple botany experiments.  This Unit Study’s focus is on God’s magnificent creation.

Horsing Around – Have any equestrians in your family? This is a 4-week study (grades 2-12) centers around the importance of obedience.  Students will learn proper horse care, plan a cowboy fun night, and even meet a famous composer.

Weather on the Move – This 7-week study (grades 2-12) is perfect for all the weather buffs in your house. It focuses on God’s creation and the amazing weather that inhabits our planet. Students will make a weather journal, learn to observe and record weather data, conduct weather experiments, and even try their hand at weather forecasting!

Christmas Comes to America – This 4-week study (grades 2-12) looks at Old Testament prophesies of the coming Messiah and their New Testament fulfillment.  The traditions of American Christmas are examined and we are introduced to the real Saint Nicholas. This Unit Study also includes making simple gifts and caroling!

Knights and Nobles – Calling all Lords and Ladies! This is a 4-week study (with an optional 5th week) that focuses on Queen Esther, King Solomon, the armor of God, and the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Students will learn about castle and manor life, knighthood and medieval warfare, and even learn to juggle. It is intended for grades 2-12.

Native Americans – This 6- week study (grades 2-12) centers on kindness, bravery, reverence, peace, generosity, and honesty. Students will learn about Native American tribes across our land, study the science of anthropology and geography. They will also enjoy Native American music and make Native American food.

Early Settlers in America – In this 6-week study (grades 2-12), students will focus on faith. They head back in time as they learn about the establishment of colonies in the new world. This includes researching and reporting on a colony of their choosing, making Early American crafts, and learning about other lands.

Revolutionary Ideas: The Story of the American Revolution – Continue the journey into history with this 7-week study. Students will create a history timeline notebook, explore the world events of the time, study the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party. They will dramatize a famous speech, study revolutionary artists and even host their own Revolution Party. This study is for grades 2-12.

We the People: Getting to Know Your Constitution – This study is best for 4th grade and up. For 8 weeks, students will discover America’s Christian Heritage. They will read about all branches of government, examine the Articles of Confederation and analyze the United States Constitution. Students will compare current events with the Founding Fathers’ initial boundaries set within the Constitution and learn about our system of checks and balances. They will learn about the Electoral College and the voting process. And can your family pass the Naturalization Exam? This study invites you to see!

Lewis and Clark: From Sea to Shining Sea – Ready to go on a journey with Lewis and Clark? This 7-week study (grades 2-12) focuses on character traits, such as; diligence, preparedness, perseverance, joy, and faithfulness. Students will learn about the Louisiana Purchase, make a classic Cajun meal, and converse in Indian sign language. They will keep a natural journal in the fashion of Lewis and Clark, build a Mandan Indian Lodge, and discover the Continental Divide.

Westward Ho! Part 1 – Go West Young Man (or Woman)! It’s time to load up the covered wagon and head across the Oregon Trail. This 4-week study (grades 2-12) introduces us to American folk heroes and adventurous pioneers. Students will write their own tall tales, create a commemorative postage stamp and learn about the Erie Canal. They will feast on pioneer stew, remember the Alamo, and discover Morse code.

Westward Ho! Part 2 – This study (4-weeks) continues the adventure westward. We follow the gold diggers and homesteaders as they begin to settle the west. Students will learn about the law of supply and demand, read about the Homestead Act of 1862 and host a prairie picnic. They will discover the American grasslands, read about the Pony Express and the Transcontinental Railroad. Cowboys and cattle drives will also be explored.

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Homeschool Legacy Once-a-Week Unit Studies Review

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