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on beging frugal

Annette @ A Net in TimeFirst Things First

How does one homeschool and watch one’s pennies at the same time?
I have to admit, I often struggle with this. There is so much I think.. I can do that with the lad or I can do this with the lad or… OOH>>> Look at that new thing?

Erin @ Water on the FloorFrugality is Not an Excuse for Filling Your Home with Clutter

This year we are taking back our home. Filling our home with too many “things” has gone on way too long. All along I was saving these “things” for the sake of being frugal.

Kemi @ Homemaking OrganizedSome Things That Should Be Frugal, But Can End Up Breaking the Bank

Many of these areas my husband and I have taken on through the years in the interest of being frugal. But we’ve also quickly discovered that if you’re not quite sure what you’re doing some of these areas can quickly become not so frugal after all.

Joani @ Simple Living MamaHow to Frugally Build a Child’s Library

My childhood books are some of my most prized possessions. They have been carefully saved to be read to my children. While I have saved several of my old books for my children, I am always on the lookout for more books to add to my children’s library. This can get expensive, but I have figured out a couple of ways to frugally build a child’s library.

Brandy @ Kingdom Academy HomeschoolA Penny Saved

I will be honest, there are times when being frugal is a real challenge for me. I look at the budget and wonder where on earth we can squeeze out a few more dollars.

Victoria @ Homemaking with HeartA Different Perspective on Frugal Living

I know many of us have used this term ‘frugal’ to describe how we aim to be careful, prudent, and economical with our resources. However, there’s a slightly different way I prefer to look at how we can faithfully steward what we’ve been given.

Jenn @ Treasuring Life’s BlessingsSaving Money in the Kitchen

I am often asked how we save money with a large family, especially when it comes to food so I thought I’d share just a few ideas.

Lisa @ A Rup LifeTips for Buying Used and $aving Money on Curriculum

It is rare that I buy something for full price. When I became a homeschooler I knew that curriculum was going to be our biggest expense and I was determined to find a way to save!!

Michele @ Family, Faith and FridaysFrugal Room by Room

I love to save money. It tends to be an obsession with me if I am not careful. I have found that it is like a game and I want to be the winner. Well, especially since every other game I play with the kids I usually lose at. Just saying.

But being frugal- now that I can do!

Jennifer @ Chestnut Grove AcademyBuilding a Home Library on the Cheap

Sure, Library books are free (if you remember to take them back on time). If you are like me, however, you like to have books on hand, to keep. I’ll admit I have a book addiction (I am sure I have admitted it before), but there are definitely ways to build a library at home for cheap!

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