My Father’s World Preschool to 9th Grade Complete Package Reviews

This article is in collaboration with My Father’s World.

Select members of the Crew have been using selections of My Father’s World curriculum with their families.

My Father’s Word is a curriculum company dedicated to designing excellent homeschool curriculum that is easy to use.  Combining the best of Charlotte Mason ideology, classical education, and unit studies, their curriculum focuses on a biblical worldview and global focus to help raise up generations of families who view the world they live in though God’s eyes and learn and live according to that knowledge.   Each curriculum package contains all necessary materials for a full year curriculum. My Father’s World breaks their curriculum offerings into three levels.  

DISCOVERY – Preschool to 3rd Grade- Starting with Preschool 3’s through 2nd-3rd grade, students are taken on learning adventures using Thematic approaches using faith-building read-alouds, hands on manipulatives, science projects, math, art, music and Christian messages.

INVESTIGATE – 3rd –8th Grade – This level curriculum provides 5 full years of Bible, geography, history, literature, science, music appreciation and art activities as students investigate countries, cultures and histories of the world around them.

DECLARE – 9th-12th Grade – Broken into 4 year comprehensive program, each one-year curriculum integrates all necessary language arts, history (including government, economics and geography), the Bible (3 full year credits), college prep, a wide range of electives and service projects all written for the student for independent study.

Chosen members of the Crew reviewed the following Deluxe Curriculum Packages:

All Aboard the Animal Train – Preschool

  This hands-on curriculum for preschool students offers fun and easy to teach Bible-based lessons.  Students learn about 12 animals through stories, fingerplays, creative play and colorful cookie cutters.  Throughout the curriculum they develop cognitive development, a love of learning, and spiritual growth. Each of the 12 three-week units focuses on a character trait, a color, and an animal.  Parents will appreciate the step by step instructions planned out in the teachers guide as well as the 60 minute a day time commitment.

Voyage of Discovery– Pre-K

Children will gain academic readiness skills with the alphabet and numbers, enjoy read-aloud times, develop fine and large motor skills, increase in cognitive skills and God’s truth and how to incorporate it in their lives. They’ll learn about their community — post office, fire station, church, grocery store — and make delightful science discoveries. They’ll develop fine and large motor skills and increase in cognitive skills. Lessons are about an hour, five days a week, for 32 weeks.

God’s Creation from A to Z Kindergarten

God’s Creation from A to Z is a learning adventure that will encourage a lifetime love of exploration and discovery. The 26 hands-on, easy-to-teach thematic units focus on the wonder of God’s creation such as the sun, moon, rocks, vegetables, elephants, butterflies, and dinosaurs. Clearly written step-by-step, 90-minute daily lessons in a grid lesson plan chart for each week are of great help to new homeschool teachers. Daily work is presented in four parts: Reading/Language arts and Math, Activities, Read Alouds and Outside time.

Learning God’s Story – First Grade

Learning God’s Story is a complete first grade curriculum with a phonics and Bible-based reading program. The integrated lessons also include language arts, history, science, math, art, and music. Using a thematic approach, this learning adventure focuses on Bible history from Genesis to Revelation. Phonics lessons develop the needed skills to read Bible stories from our Bible Reader. Students retell (narrate) the Bible story and create a lovely keepsake Bible Notebook in which they summarize and illustrate Bible stories. Weekly memory verses selected from Proverbs help strengthen handwriting skills as well as Biblical character.

 Adventures in U.S. History – Second Grade

Travel back in time and explore U.S. history from a Christian perspective with fascinating stories, hands-on activities, a timeline, and a student-created history notebook. Study the names of Jesus, learning about His character while reading from a grade-level Bible. Science lessons correlate with the names of Jesus, and U.S. history spotlights the biblical character of America’s forefathers. This 2nd and 3rd grade homeschool curriculum also includes U.S. geography, Bible, science, art, music, and more.

Exploring Countries and Cultures – 3rd – 8th Grade

Travel the world as you explore diverse countries and cultures while learning geography. Read true stories of missionaries and the Gospel of Matthew to understand God’s heart for the world. Students are introduced to the physical and spiritual needs of mankind as they learn about ecosystems and lifestyles in different parts of the world. Prepare traditional food, make native crafts, and listen to ethnic music. Includes world geography, Bible, Science, art, writing, math for four hours of instruction per day.

 Ancient History and Literature – 9th Grade

Ancient History and Literature is a one-year curriculum that integrates history, English, and Bible (3 full-year credits). Pre-planned lessons guides the student through the entire Old Testament, while applying its truths to their lives with insightful questions and discussions. Students develop composition skills and analyze literary classics from a Christian perspective with invigorating vocabulary, grammar, and critical thinking questions. There are 36 weeks of lessons, five days a week, with a somewhat lighter schedule on most Fridays.

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Select members of the Crew have been using selections of My Father’s World curriculum with their families read about their experience and how it worked with their particular children in the linky below.

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