Help Your Teens Start Their Own Business (Micro Business for Teens Review)


Carol Topp understands teens want to earn money on their own steam. An increasing number of teens struggle to find employment through even the “traditional” fast-food sources, and the Micro Business for Teens program helps fill the gaps and gives teens who are goal-oriented a place to start. The Micro Business for Teens curriculum set includes three books designed to get a new entrepreneur on the path to success.

Starting_smallStarting a Micro Business gives all the basic information needed to help a teen decide if building a small business is the right step for them. The book begins with concepts as simple as the characteristics of a small business and works through each of the concepts needed for the teen to succeed, instead of spending all their money and ending up broke. The book takes time to explain that a micro business is one started with little money, in the simplest way possible, that is educational and easy for a busy teen to keep up with. This book gives business ideas to start a teen on a brainstorming session, helps offer ideas on potential problems and helpful resources.

Running_smallThe second book, Running a Small Business, helps the new business owner to conquer concepts needed to integrate that business into everyday life without letting other daily needs get sidetracked. The excitement of a new business can often take flight in the day-to-day difficulties that will inevitably arise. This second book tackles concepts dealing with approaching new customers, cold-calling, tracking income, taxes, and more. The idea behind this book is to take business to the next level so that the teen will continue to see success.

workbook_webThe final portion of the curriculum set is the Workbook. The workbook is designed to give the teen practice of the concepts outlined in the two books listed above. Using real-life examples, Carol Topp helps the teen more fully embrace the small business model. Each chapter of the two books is covered with exercises in the workbook. By the end of the workbook, the entrepreneur teen will have the building blocks of a new micro business in place and ready to move forward confidently and successfully.

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micro business for teens review

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