Family Summer Time Tradition: Bucket Lists

One of our family traditions includes a summer bucket lists. This is our fourth summer to put one together. The kids look forward to it and they talk about it all year long. Ever wonder how to make your own? 

The list can be as simple and inexpensive or as busy and extravagant as you want. The beauty of the summer bucket list is that no matter what is on it, your family is spending time having fun together.

Our summer vacation is 3 solid months ~ June, July and August, so we come up with about 75 ideas for 90 days. (Your list may be smaller, just try to come up with ideas for 3/4 of the days that you have). There are always holidays and birthdays and surprise days and visiting days that can have their own space and time. About half of our ideas are from past lists and the other half are brand new.

That’s a lot of ideas and we usually find that we have a few that we don’t get to during the break. If you don’t get to all of yours, save them for the next year or add them to your fall weekends! 

Coming up with ideas

  • Think about the fun things that you did during the summer. The things that you miss doing all winter ~ blowing bubbles, side walk chalk, making daisy chains, cooking out, etc.
  • Check out other bucket lists for inspiration.
  • Look through your Pinterest boards for things that you would like to do. It is a good way to actually get to all of that great stuff you have on there, but haven’t found time to get to just yet.
  • Ask your kids what fun things they like doing in the summer and put those on the list.

Organizing your ideas

  • Give them headings
  • Group them by family member that contributed them
  • Separate by outdoor or indoor ideas, day trips or around the house, planned or spontaneous

Displaying your list

  • make a subway collage picture of all the words and frame it.
  • hang a clothes line with date cards pinned up. Add whatever you might need for the idea for the day (tickets, etc.)
  • set out To Do and Rainy Day jars with scraps of paper to pull out.
  • create a large summer themed (beach, popsicles, lemonade, watermelon, etc.) board.
  • write the ideas on a chalkboard
  • design a scrapbook page for each activity leaving room for the pictures

Preparing for the fun

  • To make it easier, I purchase everything we need at the start of summer and stash those materials away. You can also prepare weekly or daily (if you are close to a store!).
  • If there are things to make (that aren’t part of the fun for everyone), make those ahead too.

This is our Little Homeschool Blessings Bucket List for 2014 for some inspiration. 2011-2013 are linked there, too! We’d love for you to share your lists with us there.

Wishing you homeschool and summer bucket list blessings!

Bethany is looking forward to a summer full of joy and blessings with her 4 children. You can find her blogging about their bucket list fun and homeschool days at Little Homeschool Blessings


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