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Brenda Barnett is a homeschooling parent with a passion to help homeschooling families maximize math potential. Brenda launched Singapore Math Live with math videos to provide video support for parents who want to use the Singapore Math Primary US Edition.

Singapore Math Live Math Videos

Math Videos from Singapore Live

Singapore Math Live offers over nine hundred math videos! These support parents, instruct students, and provide solution recordings. In addition to Singapore Math Primary US Edition courses for Levels 1-6, Singapore Math Live offers courses with parent support for Dimensions Math Levels 7 and 8. But that’s not all! They also provide Fun! with Critical Thinking Skills Camp which starts in June. Singapore Math Live also offers math videos to support Primary Math US Edition Challenging Word Problems. These Challenging Word Problems support videos are included if a parent purchases Primary Math Support.

Singapore Math Live Math Videos Challenge Word Problems

Members of the Homeschool Review Crew received one level of their choice of Singapore Math Live Challenging Word Problems. These courses provide support for Singapore Math Primary Mathematics Challenging Word Problems. Challenging Word Problems is a supplement to the Singapore Primary Mathematics textbooks Levels 1 through 6. Singapore Math Live – Challenging Word Problems requires the corresponding Singapore Math Primary Mathematics Challenging Word Problems workbook, sold separately. Singapore Math Live provided the workbook along with the course to the reviewers.

Information About the Videos

Parents hear Brenda explain the concept and watch her work on the problem with these math videos. These are screen-sharing-style videos. We see the whiteboard as Brenda writes out the equations. These videos help parents to teach word problem strategies to their children. At the lower levels, parents will need to work with their children. However older children may want to work through the problems and watch the video for the solution if stumped.

Math videos feature the option to watch full screen. While not linked, there are timestamps below the video for parents or students who want to jump to the specific problems. On the left-hand side are the lesson video links. They are named according to the page numbers of the corresponding Primary Mathematics Challenging Word Problems.

Singapore Math Live Challenging Word Problems can be used to supplement any math program.

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