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Welcome sweet spring! We’ve made it to the month of March, and many families are approaching the finish line for the school year. As summer approaches, we’ll be considering the year as a whole. What worked? What didn’t work? So, following that line of thought, let’s talk about Math. How is your school year coming along? Are you finding your students excited, engaged, and interested in the subject? Or has it become tedious, a drudgery to be checked off as quickly as possible each day?

This month, our Crew members were given the opportunity to review one of two online Math courses from the MathArt Online 4 class bundle. NatureGlo’s eScience strives to revolutionize the way we see and understand Math, by linking the subject to science, nature, art, and history. One of the aspects highlighted by founder, Gloria Brooks, is the de-compartmentalization of this curriculum. That means that by connecting Math to other parts of our schooling, and everyday world, students can begin to understand the “How’s” and “Why’s” of the subject. That frequently leads to engaged kids, and increased learning opportunities.

The material is written for students 12 years old and up, and may be used as unit studies, electives, or as a way to refresh your regular Math studies.

MathArt Online
Math Connections in the Real World is a 6 week course that will cover Fibonacci numbers. What are they? Where can they be found in history, art, architecture, and nature? What is The Golden Ratio, and what is its connection to The Great Pyramid of Egypt, and Quasicrystals? Finally, it will delve into the study of the Mathematics of Music.

MathArt in Ancient Cultures , also a 6 week course, will take students back in time to cover a variety of interesting facts and cultures. Learn about the Babylonians and Plimpton 322. Take a look at Ancient Greek Math and the Platonic Solids. Learn about Pythagoras and the Music of the Spheres. Explore Rangoli, Mandalas, and the stories behind numbers 1-9, and 0. Students will also look at Zellige Moroccan Tiles, and MathArt.

Live classes are available, but are also recorded to allow for access at any time. Directions for each class are available once you sign up, on the member dashboard page. As you complete each section, check it off, and receive a digital reward.
Classes include a lecture with various slides and instruction. Beyond these, the courses offer opportunities for families to pursue their choice of projects.

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A big thank you to Laurie from School Days for writing this introductory post.

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