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Getting those basic math facts down pat can be the deal breaker for a child’s success in math for the long haul. Some math programs do timed drills to encourage the child to memorize their tables and be able to spit it back in under 3 seconds. For some kids, that might work just fine. But, for others, that approach leads to frustration for both the parent and child.

Using a fun game environment for drilling math facts is another approach that has come into play in recent years. However, some of these programs do not take into account individual differences, especially when it comes to typing speed.


Math Rider is a program that seeks to do just that!

Kids can practice and master their basic math facts as they complete noble quests riding through Math Land. Rather than just have the goal of getting answers correct, the child is trying to help your mother become well by finding a special flower or even rescue a princess.

Mathlands  Map

Math Rider Quest

Rather than frustrate a child, Math Rider’s goal is to make practicing those basic facts a fun experience. The game utilizes statistics from a child’s use to customize the game for that child. Why continue to drill the facts they know while not drilling the ones they need to learn? Even the child’s reaction (or typing) speed is considered. The ultimate goal is maximum impact from practicing in minimum time, while keeping difficulty at an appropriate level. You can even see how they are doing, including the most challenging facts.


People say that necessity is the mother of invention. Math Rider is no exception as it was developed to help the creator’s own children master those basic math facts from 0 to 12. Through use of Math Rider, their children have conquered those basic facts and are enjoying the fruits of their labors. Now they are sharing it so others might help their children overcome the frustration felt in their math studies.

What do you receive with Math Rider?

A fun, engaging game covering the four basic math operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.) Each operation has four quests to complete before mastery is achieved. Rewards are give for each quest based on how the child responded to the questions. And, you do not have to worry about having great hand-eye control for enjoyment of the game. Simply putting in the correct answer will have you galloping through the world to complete the quest.

Also, the game allows for multiple users. That’s a definite plus for those of us with several kids who could utilize Math Rider.

Math Rider is a downloadable game that can operate in Windows, Mac OSX and Linux environments. You can purchase directly from the vendor and will receive a key code to make it fully operational.  There’s even a 30 day risk free guarantee.

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