Many Ways to Homeschool Many

Many Ways to Homeschool Many

Once you’ve been on the home education journey for a short time you will soon realize there is no one perfect way to home school. Home schooling is as varied as the families who embark on the journey.  Today a few home educating families would like to invite you to share in some of the many ways they home educate in hopes of inspiring your home educating journey.  Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and join me as we journey with these families.

Chareen @ Every Bed of Roses shares:

Jennifer @ A Peace of Mind shares:

  • What to Do? – Simple steps when home education seems impossible and we don’t know what to do. Or if we can do anything at all.
  • Don’t Require….Inspire – Thomas Jefferson leadership education – a way to inspire an not require. Encouraging and mentoring our children in a classic way!
  • So Delight Full – Delight led learning – living and learning in a way that helps us to connect it all.
  • You Gotta Have Faith – Faith based learning; My Fathers World/Charlotte Mason focused learning with our kids.

Diana @ Homeschool Review shares

Methods of Home schooling

Betty @ Let’s Get Real shares

Annette @ A Net in Time shares Singleton to Many, Lessons Learned – When teaching a singleton it’s good to look for groups to learn with. One method I use and lessons learned from it.

Amber @ 200 Fingers & Toes shares

How to Homeschool when

Sabrina @ Kids, Crunch, and Christ shares

  • How to Homeschool When…. – Tips on homeschooling with many children, when you have a baby, when you are pregnant, when you have a toddler, or in other challenging seasons.
  • A Glimpse into Our Day – I’m sharing our daily schedule and details on our homeschool routines to help you get ideas for creating a schedule or routine that works for your family.

Julia @ Clubhouse Happenings shares Homeschooling Multiple Children, Multiple Ways~ All At One Time- Four kiddos, one teacher! – Successfully Teaching multiple children, multiple subjects all in one day. Yes! You can!

Jennifer @ Organized Homeschooler shares Homeschooling Multiple Children – Check out these practical tips to manage educating multiple ages at once.

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