Combining the Science of Reading with the Joy of Learning (Logic of English Review)

Do you know why there is a Silent Final E in have, mauve, and give? English words do not end in “v”! For those of us who were educated during the “Look/Say” or “Whole Language” movements this bit of information might be a new revelation. 

Favorite Elementary ResourceAccording to the Logic of English website there is a significant literary crisis in American today. 49% of American Adults cannot read proficiently.  Logic of English has created products that help parents and teachers combat this crisis more efficiently.
Logic of English uses multi-sensory methods to teach phonemic awareness, systematic phonics, vocabulary development,
fluency, spelling, handwriting and reading comprehension. They do not merely focus on young readers, but takes into account students of all ages and learning styles. 

Logic of English provides a variety of products that help to take the mystery out of literary instruction. 

The Schoolhouse Crew Review recently had a chance to review a variety of Logic of English materials.
essentials complete set

The Essentials: Logic of English Complete Set is designed for students ages 7-adult.  Essentials uses a holistic approach to language.

During the course of 40 lessons, students are introduced to the 74 Basic Phonograms and 30 Spelling Rules. These lessons completely cover reading instruction, spelling, grammar, vocabulary, and writing. 

The Essentials program has a whole list of tools available to assist the teacher/parent. Reviewers were supplied with:  Essentials Teacher’s Manual, Essentials Student Workbook(s) in Cursive or Manuscript, Spelling Journal, Basic Phonogram Flash Cards, Spelling Rule Flash Cards, Grammar Rule Flash Cards, Advanced Phonogram Flash Cards, Game Book, Game Card decks, Phonogram & Spelling Rule Quick Reference Chart.
reuasable resources

rhythm manuscriptLogic of English has also created a handwriting curriculum. The Rhythm of Handwriting Complete Set is available in manuscript or cursive. It can be used with Essentials or as a stand-alone writing curriculum. Rhythm of Handwriting also uses a multi-sensory approach that benefits all types of learners.  This program teaches motion mastery and reinforces phonemic awareness. 
The recommended age range for Rhythm of Handwriting is 4-Adult. Along with a Student Workbook (in either manuscript
or cursive), other resources are available to assist in handwriting instruction. These include the Rhythm of Handwriting Quick Reference, Student Whiteboard and Tactile Cards.

For Early Learners, Logic of English has developed Foundations. This multi-sensory curriculum is intended for ages 4-7. It is a complete reading, phonics, spelling and handwriting program. Some of the Crew reviewed the following Levels.

foundations AFoundations, Level A

This program starts at the very beginning. In 48 lessons, Foundations, Level A, teaches students to learn to read and write lowercase a-z. Foundations, Level A also focuses on extensive phonemic awareness through fun games and activities.  
Reviewers for Foundations, Level A were provided with Level A Teacher’s Manual, Level A Student Workbook (cursive or manuscript) and Doodling Dragons: An ABC Book of Sounds.

foundations BFoundations, Level B

Foundations, Level B is for students who have learned all of the a-z phonograms and can read short vowel words. In 48 lessons, the student will learn to read and write uppercase letters, become familiar with letter names and begin to read and comprehend sentences. Foundations, Level B also includes a Teacher’s Manual and Student Workbook.

foundations CFoundations, Level C

This Foundations level is for student who have completed and mastered Level B.  This level teaches 27 multi-letter phonograms and 14 spelling rules. The child further develops the skills he or she has developed in levels A and B. As with Levels A and B, Level C comes with a Teacher’s Manual and Student Workbook.
In addition, a variety of Reusable Resources were also available for review. They include: Student Whiteboard, Basic Phonogram Flash Cards, Phonogram Game Cards, Rhythm of Handwriting Tactile Cards (in cursive or manuscript, Rhythm of Handwriting Quick Reference Chart (cursive or manuscript). These Reusable Resources are used throughout the Foundations
Educational Apps have become part an integral of a Homeschoolers tool chest. 

The Phonics with Phonograms App is available for all i-products. Students, HEAR, SEE and TOUCH to learn the 74 phonograms needed to read and spell 98% of the English words. All ages  (adults included) are invited to play along. This app can be used with the Logic of English materials or other Orton-Gillingham based programs. 
The  Doodling Dragons App (available for IOS and Android) helps children learn their ABCs.The App uses the book, Doodling Dragons, read by Jim Weiss. Students are able to interact and play while learning.
doodling dragons
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A big thank you to Rebekah Teague of There Will Be A $5 Charge For Whining for writing this introductory post.

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