Kid Scoop – The Reluctant Reader Solution Reviews

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The Reluctant Reader Solution is a package of what I would describe as clever mini-unit studies that add up to 365 pages of fun and an equally fun monthly digital newspaper called Kid Scoop.

Purchasers have access to downloadable packets of worksheets covering almost 60 topics that are kid and parent friendly and a monthly 20 page online Kid Scoop newspaper in full color.

Packet topics cover a wide variety of interests for boys, girls, and for parents.

Check out the list of fun and interesting topics:

Acting, backpacks, band, baseball, bees, Bigfoot, bubblegum, budgeting, butterflies, cartooning, Cinco De Mayo, clay play, Columbus Day, Constitution Day, Easter, elves, Father’s Day, fire safety, fitness, frost, gardening, germs, gorillas, green kids, Halloween, Heifer International, hockey, holidays (traditional winter holidays), immunization, independence around the world, international space station, junkyard sports, kitchen creativity, Louisa May Alcott, Memorial Day, mini-golf math, MLK day of service, Mother’s Day, nutrition labels, “Old Stormalong” (sailing), optical illusions, orcas, otters, Owen and Mzee, point of view, skin protection, smores, solar snacks, St Patrick’s Day, “State of You”, tadpoles, teasing, Thanksgiving, the Maya, Tom Sawyer, Toys for Tots, Valentine’s Day, Veteran’s Day, and Wangari Maathai.

Each topic is presented in 5, 6, or 7 worksheets packed with information, experiments to do away from the worksheet, games, and puzzles. The pages are inviting and attractive.
My reluctant reader dove right in. No balking. No resisting. No protesting. And I didn’t have to sit down at the computer and find all the information, games, etc. and put them together myself. She’s learning and enjoying it.

In addition to facts and information, some of the worksheets offer opportunities to perspective take, to imagine yourself in someone else’s shoes. There are activities that grow thinking skills, too, that give students opportunities to apply knowledge and not simply memorize rote facts.

Kid Scoop, the online newspaper, is full color, set up in a similar, but not-exactly-the-same format as the worksheets, filled with information to read, games to play, puzzles to solve, all within a monthly theme. Parents and students can choose to read portions of it online and print just the games and puzzles, or print the entire edition. There is an option to listen to the text as it is spoken by a computer-generated voice as well.

The Reluctant Reader Solution offers a 365-day money back guarantee.
The Reluctant Reader Solution and Kid Scoop web site contains fun ideas, a place to share information and ideas, and some freebies in addition to items for purchase. Sign up for a month of ideas sent to your e-mail inbox (free) here; follow Kid Scoop on Facebook here.

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Special thanks to First Mate Penny from Homeschooling, Autism, & “Stuff” for writing this post.

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