Introducing LeapStart® Learning Success Bundle™ from LeapFrog

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The LeapFrog company is a staple for preschoolers. Founded in 1995 by a father who thrived in technology and wanted to help his child learn to read, the company has grown leaps and bounds and is now part of the V-Tech family. With a goal of helping to guide parents into making their children love to learn, LeapFrog now has dozens of products to choose from in the pursuit of those goals, including toys, apps, DVDs, books, and more. For the past several weeks, Crew members and their children have played with the LeapStart® Learning Success Bundle™.

LeapFrog bundle, the tablet and two included books

The LeapFrog Learning Success Bundle

The Learning Success Bundle is like a tablet for young children, and it is one parents can feel good about giving to their children. With no screen and loads of learning potential, the LeapStart system has countless uses. The box includes the tablet itself (which has a chunky, child-sized stylus attached) and two books. It also comes with 2-AA batteries. 

When you turn the tablet on, your child can do the activities that are part of the actual toy – counting, musical notes, animals, shapes, and letters – using the stylus. By placing a LeapFrog book right over the top of the open tablet, those pages magically become interactive, just like the tablet itself. All LeapStart books are compatible with the system.

There are a plethora of books that you can buy in addition to the two sample books that come with the LeapFrog Learning Success Bundle, and you can find them at a variety of online and brick-and-mortar retailers. In addition, the LeapStart comes with a Go! Go! Cory Carson book (this is a popular Netflix show) and a sampler book to excite your children about the many possibilities for their LeapStart. 

Introducing LeapStart Learning Success Bundle from LeapFrog

The LeapFrog Tablet

When your child is ready to play with their LeapFrog tablet, all you do is push the button to turn it on. It is very intuitive, and children will likely not need any help from you. There are two levels of activities, and children can easily select the one they need by tapping the stylus green “one star” for younger children (easier activities) or the orange “two stars” picture for more advanced activities. The books use the same star system, so children have a consistent method and can easily choose the right level for them. There is also a button on the tablet itself for adjusting the volume, and it will tell you when the batteries are running low with an audible reminder.

The storybook (Cory Carson) has additional options, too. In addition to doing one- or two-star activities, the LeapFrog tablet will read the book to your child. There is an option for having it read the entire book or just a single page. If a child gets stuck, no matter what activity or book they are working on, they can choose the blue lightbulb icon for a hint. 

a photo of one of the books from LeapFrog

The voice on the tablet is a lovely woman’s voice, and it is very soothing to listen to. It uses an American accent (the one you are most likely to hear in the media), so it is easy for any English speaker to understand. For a computerized voice, she is charming and almost feels like a real person encouraging your children in their learning!

When your child finishes playing, it is easy to put the whole thing away. There is a special place in the system for the stylus, and the cord easily closes inside the “book” of the tablet, keeping everything safe. It clicks shut to avoid accidental opening, giving it a smaller profile for easy bookshelf storage. 

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