Interview with a Homeschool Dad

There are lots of articles out there for homeschool moms, but in many situations, there are two parents in a homeschool family. Even if mom does the majority (or all) of the teaching, dad is still a part of the family and is therefore a part of homeschooling. It is so important for both parents to be on the same page with homeschooling; a supportive partner can go a long way! Sometimes dads are less sure if they want to take on homeschooling. Hear from this homeschool dad of 5 years on his homeschool thoughts.

What were your initial thoughts when your wife floated the idea of homeschooling?

It’s a little hard to remember back that far. It was a surprise to me as it wasn’t something I had previously envisioned for my life of raising kids. I think I was initially interested but not immediately sold. I needed more information. After speaking with a coworker who spoke highly of homeschooling and how it allowed him to see his kids more, I was up for giving it a try. 

What do you like about homeschooling?

I like that I know the information, and the teaching that the kids are getting is Biblical and not corrupted. I really appreciate knowing that my kids are getting a strong Biblical foundation and having their character developed. I like the freedom of it, how it allows us to spend more time as a family and not be tied to weekends. With a busy shift work job, it is really nice to be able to see my kids more often than I would if they were in traditional school. I also really enjoy how, if my days off fall during the week, we can go camping or go on hikes or do things we would miss out on if the kids were in school those days. Another perk is that it allows us to travel at less expensive times!

Do you find it hard to feel involved? Also what aspects of homeschooling do you enjoy participating in?

It depends on the day. Some days there are lots of things I can do and help with, but other times it’s hard for me to help. Especially when they are learning a new topic. I really leave that part up to my wife so if I’m home on those days, it’s harder for me to help. As the kids get older, there are more and more new things she has to teach them so, in some ways, there will be less for me to be involved in. 

I like doing hands-on things like science experiments as that is the type of thing I am interested in. I like helping them with math as well as that was a subject I enjoyed. My favourite thing is having time to teach them hands-on life skills. For instance, my youngest daughter who is 8 has always loved helping me with car maintenance and repairs as well as little odd jobs around the house. I enjoy being able to pass on that knowledge. I also enjoy getting to read with them and listen to them read.  

When I am home, I try to ask my wife if there is anything I can do to help with school that day. That way she knows I am there to support her and help with the girls if need be. 

What is the hardest part of being a homeschool family from your perspective?

One of the harder parts that I notice is the kids not getting used to having to listen to other people. We are involved in some capacity in all of their activities. Part of that comes with living in a remote location as well. 

What would you say are the advantages to homeschooling from a dad’s perspective?

Final Thoughts

Dads have so many awesome and unique skill sets. Each parent has something different to bring to the table. You never know where your children may be naturally bent or where their interests may lie so incorporating both mom and dad into the teaching of life skills opens even more doors for the kids. 

Involving dad as much as possible is also great for the kids. That strong father and child relationship is so important in life, at all ages. 

We are thankful for great homeschool dads!

Homeschooling Thoughts from a Dad


Written by Kristin Stewart as she asked questions to her husband. Kristin is a former teacher who now homeschools her two daughters, ages 9 and 7. She has lived many places in Canada due to both her teaching and being an RCMP wife. She blogs at From Kristin and is passionate about helping mothers feel equipped to educate their children. She does homeschool consulting to help those starting out or struggling to choose a curriculum. She loves reading and traveling and actively posts on her Instagram.

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