Individualized Online Homeschool Curriculum is an all-inclusive online homeschool curriculum, spanning across ages and subjects with a library of over 400 courses. 

For families with preschool-aged children, resources in the Preschool Playground contain resources for the youngest learners. Here families can find materials for many subject areas, such as age-appropriate bible studies and bible related videos. There is also an in-depth bank of language arts printouts and activities to teach them early literacy. Printable charts and coloring books are also included in membership for numbers, ABCs, and other subjects for early learning. 

For students looking to travel through history, online homeschool courses like Experience History: Creation to Reformation or Drive Thru History are available. 

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Families that love learning outdoors and have elementary-age students can check out resources such as Let’s Do Math Outside.  In these activities, science and mathematics collide as students learn about the math all around them while exploring nature. Lessons such as Angle Adventure demonstrate how to identify angles and how to use a protractor with practical applications. They can learn how to use math while learning about their local insects in such activities such as My Bug Count and Nature Trail Shapes and Counting.

Some families may want to take courses that they can experience together. By clicking on the Family tab, members can access resources the entire family can enjoy.  There are a variety of resources for every family’s learners, young and old. page

Online Homeschool Curriculum That Can Be Individualized For Each Family’s Needs

Each family can use hese online homeschool courses in a variety of ways. With many documents in PDF form, they are easy to upload to a classroom forum for digital completion. Or print the documents and organize them in a way that is best for you. Many courses also include videos that teach or explain the course content.

The length of lessons varies on age, course, and the student’s needs. All the lessons are designed for completion at the student’s own pace. These ensures the meeting of the needs of each individual student. online homeschool curriculum will cover everything for the entire family. There are some courses that may suggest books to further supplement the curriculum or other materials (for example, manipulatives to help with math lessons or supplies for art and crafts). Since each family chooses their own courses, they can pick what works best for them.

For families that would like their curriculum nicely packaged for each child, they can find grade-level school boxes with plans and courses grouped so they can easily download and go. But if they would rather choose from different materials and grade levels, they can do that! This curriculum meets each family where they are at. With a family membership, they also get access to the World Book resources, which are linked to many of the lessons. World Book has resources such as leveled books, information, and activities to help not only in specific courses, but they can use these resources freely for any needs of each child.

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Helpful Tools 

Each course includes a lesson plan document, to help each family organize their plans in the best way that fits their family. Within the website, they can also use a bookmark tool to keep the courses they are interested in organized so they are easy to find. 

In addition to the tools involved in each class, there are many other teacher tools to give additional support for homeschool families. The  Members Dashboard includes a lot of extras to help out families along their homeschool journey. They can access tools such as Latin Roots, Sign Language posters, and other picture supports from the Member’s Dashboard. There is a bonus section that has a detailed, interactive planner that can be downloaded, and activities throughout the year, including Hey, Mama virtual meetups. Through the Planner tab, they can access additional tools to help in record keeping and planning. Tools such as Applecore are included in each subscription and can help with record-keeping in areas such as attendance and grading. There is a wealth of helpful information to get all set up with the tools. 

For families interested in learning more about this online homeschool curriculum, check out

Individualized Online Homeschool Curriculum

Faith-Based Learning

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