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Heirloom Audio Productions has taken the Homeschool Review Crew back to one of history’s darkest times – The French Revolution with their latest audio drama In The Reign of TERROR.

This lively historical story is based on the G.A. Henty novel of the same name and is part of the Heirloom Audio series titled “The Extraordinary Adventures of G.A. Henty.” Each of these stories are rooted in history and focus on good people doing difficult things during difficult times.

In the Reign of Terror
In The Reign of Terror takes places after the US war for Independence and before Napoleon during the French Revolution. We take a look through the eyes of a British boy (Harry) who travels to an aristocratic family, where he experiences a clash of culture. The chaos challenges his faith as he struggles to survive through the turmoil of the day as well as rescue the family who took him in.  A family who now face the guillotine for no other “crime” than their noble lineage.

Adventure Progress
Chapter 1 – Mr. George in Arlington
Chapter 2 – Journey to France
Chapter 3 – Monsieur de Tillet
Chapter 4 – The St. Caux Chateau
Chapter 5 – Dog Attack
Chapter 6 – The Wolf Hunt
Chapter 7 – Dark News from Paris
Chapter 8 – April, 1792
Chapter 9 – All Is Lost
Chapter 10 – Escaping the Mob
Chapter 11 – Planning and Praying
Chapter 12 – A Turn for the Worse
Chapter 13 – The Courtroom
Chapter 14 – Anguish and Exhaustion
Chapter 15 – Robespierre
Chapter 16 – Marie’s Release
Chapter 17 – Arrival in Nantes
Chapter 18 – Arrested
Chapter 19 – Guilty
Chapter 20 – The Voyage de Galiot
Chapter 21 – Home Again
Chapter 22 – Poetic Justice

Heirloom Audio has a passion for bringing history to life through high-quality audio dramas that are exciting and wholesome entertainment for the whole family. The masterful story-telling of G.A. Henty is full of virtue and daring, and this adaptation provides an “active listening” adventure experience with an award-winning cast and composer, and realistic sound effects.

Bonus Content

Heirloom Adventure has just launched their brand new Live the Adventure Club where you can access all the wonderful bonus content for In the Reign of TERROR.

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