Improve Reading Comprehension with WordBuild Online

This article is in collaboration with WordBuild Online, a reading comprehension program.

Breaking down the meaning of words into units makes learning vocabulary easier for students. This process is called morphology, and it has been proven in multiple research studies to be effective when used with children, even those with learning struggles such as dyslexia. In addition, mastering the individual roots of words help students decipher the overall meaning.

WordBuild has perfected this technique with their reading comprehension program. Students acquire new vocabulary in 15 minutes or less a day through its interactive, online program or book form. The goal is for students not just to memorize vocabulary but fully understand and decipher all parts of a word. This will lead to greater reading comprehension and test scores. 

Improve Reading Comprehension with WordBuild Online

There are two programs geared towards different age groups: Foundations and Elements. 

Your student will begin Foundations or Elements with a pre-test and end with a post-test. 


The Foundations program focuses on the most common prefixes and suffixes in the English language. As students progress through different activities, they learn the skills needed to break down words into meaning by identifying the prefixes and suffixes. 

A screenshot of Foundations Level 1

The lessons are short, easy to do, and engage the child with fun activities. Students can begin this program as soon as they have learned phonics or are in second to fourth grade. However, older students who struggle with learning can also use Foundations. 

There are three levels within Foundations. The duration of the program will last 2-3 years, depending on whether students use the online program or book form. 


Elements transition students beyond prefixes and suffixes into Latin and Greek root words. A boost in vocabulary occurs when students can identify all components of a word. 

A young girl working on WordBuild Online

Students who have completed the Foundations program or are in the sixth grade or higher are good candidates for this reading comprehensions program. 

There are three levels within Elements. It will take approximately three years to complete this program, whether online or in book form.

Important Information for Parents

  • WordBuild Online provides a User’s Guide and FAQ section to help parents get started.  Additionally, there are videos online demonstrating how to use each activity. 
  • The program provides a scope and sequence online.
  • For the online version, parents can monitor their child’s work anytime by logging into their Progress Report. There they will find correct answers marked in green and incorrect answers in red. 
  • WordBuild Online recommends that students complete one activity per day to have greater retention. However, parents can change the default setting to more than one activity if they choose to have their child progress faster. 
  • If the child is struggling with the lesson, WordBuild Online adapts to the child’s ability.
  • For the book form, parents must teach, grade, and keep records for their children. 

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