Homeschool Collection July 2019 Edition

I can’t believe we are almost near the beginning of spring as I sit here in beautiful New Zealand enjoying Kiwi hospitality with a gorgeous hot fire burning, I do confess that I am looking forward to the warmer months ahead and being able to enjoy the outdoors more with my family in Australia.

The Crew have had a great month reviewing some interesting and varied products so be sure to check the reviews out.

The Crew is in preparation mode for their annual Not Back To School Blog Hop so be sure to pop on back in three weeks for some encouragement for the year ahead.

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  • Can I Really Homeschool High School? – “Maybe you feel like you could never homeschool high school because your oldest is in elementary school and you just can’t imagine it. But like with parenting, you’ll grow into the role. And even if you’ve never homeschooled before and you’re just starting with a high schooler, there are key tips that will help you. Because you CAN do it.”
  • Homeschool Geography Mini Lessons Round-Up – ” Need a few quick open & go lessons for homeschool geography? Here are a few that you can use today! Pin this round-up of Homeschool Geography Mini Lessons so that you can find it when you’re having one of those days.”
  • Dealing with Imposter Syndrome as a Homeschool Mom – “Have you ever wondered if you really are qualified to do this homeschool gig? I mean, they are YOUR kids, but what if you’re not a certified teacher? Don’t you need to have a degree in early childhood education or reading or advanced calculus to be a successful homeschool mom? Many of us deal with imposter syndrome at one time or another in our homeschooling journey. Here’s what to do about it.”

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  • The Call of Regular School – When asked at the grocery school if my kids will ever do “regular school,” I need to come up with some sort of answer.

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  • YET ANOTHER USA HOMESCHOOL BOOK HAUL Part 1: Homeschooling on a Budget – Looking for book ideas? I share some of the awesome books I found frugally for our homeschool on my most recent trip to the USA!
  • Year Round Homeschooling: What We Do In The Summer – I cannot believe that it is July already! My big kids are out of public and private school for the summer. But what about Zakari? Do we put the books away for 2 months as well?No, no we don’t. What Did I Want Year Round Homeschooling to Look Like? Early on year round homeschooling just made sense to me. I just had to work though how this was going to look for our family.
  • Raising Bookworms: What We Read in June 2019 – “Raising Zakari to love books is a passion of mine. My goal while homeschooling him is to expose him to as many great books as possible. I know kids grow so fast and that my time with him while he is small is limited. This June turned into a month where we read even more then usual. I made sure wherever we went that I had a book with us. We really took advantage of almost ever moment we could get in a bit of reading. ”
  • Summer Reading List for Year Round Homeschoolers – This year I decided to create a reading basket full of pre-selected books. I know I love looking up reading list to get ideas from. So I hope this reading list will inspire you to try out some new books and series with your children or students. I’m still going to doing our Raising Bookworm series here on the blog and my YouTube channel, that way I can update you guys on which books worked for our family!

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  • Our Kindergarten Curriculum – Come check out our final decisions for my son’s kindergarten curriculum and let me know what curriculum you love for kindergarten.

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