Home School Navigator Reading and Language Arts Curriculum Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Home School Navigator.

Reading, writing and arithmetic are the main subjects that we teach our children every day. Sometimes the reading and writing part can get overwhelming. Do you ever feel that way? Well, the Homeschool Review Crew were recently given a one-year subscription to Home School Navigator, a program that takes the worry out of teaching reading, writing, grammar, word study, and vocabulary. This is an online Language Arts and Reading program with online schedules that keep you on track and online portfolio maintenance that brings order to keeping excerpts of your child’s work.

This resource is geared towards students that are in elementary grades, but they know that not all students learn at the same pace, so they have created six different color coded levels for their program. The six levels are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and indigo, and each level includes:

· A 36 Week Course
· Daily Reading, Writing, and Word Study Lesson Plan (including flex days for your busy schedule!)
· 60 Instructional Videos
· Word Study Program (including word wall headings, cards, and games)
· Activities That Encourage Multiple Learning Styles
· Monthly Skills Checklist
· Portfolio Maintenance
· Monthly Goal Sheet/Portfolio Check-In
· Downloadable Review Games
· Interactive Notebooks

Home School Navigator offers a one-year subscription for each level of their program. You can enroll one or more students and keep track of each student separately. They make it easy to keep track of your students’ progress. The year-long teacher guide will help you stay on track. It can be modified to work for all families.

To learn more about Home School Navigator, Come visit their Social Media Pages:
· Facebook: Home School Navigator
· Instagram: @homeschoolnavigator


A big thank you to Betty Daley of Let’s Get Real for writing this introductory article.

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