Hake/Saxon Grammar and Writing 3 Reviews

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Grammar, vocabulary, and writing are key components of a complete language arts course of study. To help teach these topics to third graders, the Homeschool Review Crew was recently given a Hake/Saxon Grammar and Writing 3 set. This set is brand new, and newly released from Hake Publishing.

Crew members received a physical copy of the Consumable Textbook with Daily Review, a Writing Workbook, and a Teacher Guide with answer keys and tests. When these resources are used together, the set builds writing and grammar knowledge for students throughout its lessons.

Hake Publishing Writing and Grammar
Following in the traditional format of other Hake and Saxon materials, Grammar and Writing 3 utilizes incremental development combined with frequent review to help students master the material. From this set, students will receive a solid foundation on which to build their future studies of grammar and writing.

The Materials

The Teacher’s Guide provides a sample schedule to use the material over a typical school year. There are 111 lessons, with some scripting to help ensure student success. This book also includes:

  • Tips for teaching the material
  • A complete answer key for textbook and writing lessons
  • Answers to tests
  • Test masters
  • More Practice masters

The Consumable Textbook has the student directions and questions. At the beginning of each lesson is a question to prompt discussion. This portion allows students to practice speaking properly. At the end of each lesson, there is a Review Set to help students review the material learned in previous lessons. All work is completed in the textbook.

The Writing Workbook contains 21 lessons designed to help students improve their writing skills. There are instructional components, spaces for short answers, and spaces for longer written passages. The Teacher Guide instructs that these lessons correspond with test days, which is why there are fewer lessons.


A big thank you to Lisa Tanner of Maggie’s Milk for writing this introductory article.

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